I've been SO bad...


Aug 30, 2007
Upper South, USA
First, I was bag at the Paris sale - bought TWO cashmere/silk shawls and 1 vintage carre. Then today, we went to the FSH store. I wanted to try on several bags that I had previously rejected when I weighed so much more - Linday, Victoria, Evelyne - they still just don't work for me. Then I asked what they had in Chartreuse. The SA said they get very little in Chartreuse - mainly get Vert Anis - would that do? No, I want Chartreuse - much prefer it. She had a Trim and a Picotin. I knew I didnt want a Trim, but she said the Picotin was a PM. I thought that would be WAY too small but decided to try it. Gosh - it was VERY cute! I then tried a MM in another color - not nearly as good on me. My daughter much preferred the PM but I was worried it wouldn't hold everything. Amazingly, it held everything that was in my 32 Kelly! Who knew! So, I took a deep breathe and said, "I'll take it". Utter madness! But I have wanted something in Chartreuse and something I could carry in the summer when my style is so very casual. It will be perfect and this one HAS to be the final one for my collection. I cannot believe I have purchased THREE Hermes bags in 15 months! And 4 cashmere shawls in under a years!!! Bad girl! Bad girl!!! But with this impending price increase, it seemed like now was the time to buy this - also, less expensive in Paris than the US, plus THEY HAD IT IN CHARTREUSE!

When I get home, I'll do a reveal. That is, I'll do a reveal when I get home AND have power once again - been out now since early Wed AM and little hope in sight. There is a big snow storm expected on Mon/Tues so they better get it on before then or I'll have to wait for the spring thaw! I have no idea where I am going to go - will stay at my daughter's on Sun night as she does have some lights and running water due to their generator - no heat, though. But on Monday when I gather up my 3 dogs, I am out of options - she has cats and that won't work, and I not only have no heat, but no water (had to drain the pipes due to cold - down to 12F tonight). There's not a hotel/motel to be had in town. I'd stay in Paris but I must get back to the dogs - they've been from pillar to post due to my idiot pet sitter.


Hermès collector
Oct 2, 2007
Wow! Hope you get the power back on soon..! :wondering

Sounds like you had an amazing sales haul! Can't wait to see your new Picotin PM (it is the sweetest little bag! :heart:) and your new shawls. And yes- we are all "bad" when it comes to Hermès... But we support each other through the rough times, so no worries! :P


Oct 12, 2006
First, I was bag at the Paris sale - bought TWO cashmere/silk shawls and 1 vintage carre. quote]

LOL!! Glad you were "bag" and sounds like you had a great time of it! :smile:
Jun 5, 2007
That sounds adorable. Hope you get power again soon. I've had a similar problem this last few weeks. had no central heating or internet it was horrible!!! Now thankfully have both again. Yay...........


Oct 27, 2006
the Mouth of the Columbia
India - I feel for you concerning the power thing. I live on the Pacific Coast in Oregon and we get some doozies over here sometimes, and the big ones can take the power out for DAYS. Take care - at least you have some new H goodies to cheer you up!


Feb 17, 2007
over the rainbow
OMG what a great adventure, India, and you're right...if you see the color you crave in a style you love, you MUST go for it - hoooray!

Can't wait to see pics!

Pls give us a hint about the shawls and silk...?
Oct 24, 2007
Good for you India! No Chartreuse to be had here in the US...Mrs. P will not get a Chartreuse Birkin for Valentine's Day, sad to say, may need to settle for second best...glad to got one for yourself there! Welcome home...yes, FREEZING!!!!!


Apr 23, 2008
Bad, India? No, no, no, you've been very very good to find the perfect bag for your summers in your color of choice for a good price, plus bargains on those lovely shawls and the scarf. If that's bad, I definitely want some bad.

Hope your trip back home in uneventful and that you'll be reunited with your puppies soon. They'll be overjoyed to see you, I'm sure. And best of luck with the frozen pipes and the rest of that nasty northern winter mess. I'll keep my fingers crossed that it will go more smoothly than anticipated and will hope for a miracle thaw too.

In the meantime, enjoy your last night in Paris!
Oct 12, 2006
WoW!! I'm so happy for you.... I bet your Picotin is adorable!!! I am a huge Chartreuse fan, too! So which shawls did you get?? It sounds like a great trip!! Can't wait to see your reveal. I sure hope you power comes on soon!!!


Aug 30, 2007
Upper South, USA
Gads, I can't even type!!! "Bag" on the brain, I guess!

I don't know the name of one of the shawls - no name on it that I can find. The other is one I had asked my SA to search for - the Early America in the olive. Raz posted great pictures in the Ode to.. thread on page 20, post 290. I LOVE the colors - very fresh - and it will be great with my new Chartreuse Picotin, too. I couldn't believe there was one at the sale as my SA said this colorway was sold-out world wide. I only saw one there - just got lucky I guess. The other is also green, but it's darker - very rich colors, so they really do look different. I think the Early America is very fresh looking - will look great this spring over a white blouse with khaki pants. I'm hoping when I get home and post pictures, one of you ladies will be able to identify the other shawl. The vintage silk carre is in shades of hot pink - totally different from anything I have.


Nov 12, 2006
The land of Oz
I can't wait to see your pictures! Hope everything is OK when you get home, we are the opposite here in Oz at the moment, it is boiling HOT!!!