I've been searching for an inexpensive, yet stylish/well made brown tote...

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  1. to carry while saving up for my LV Cabas Piano.:biggrin: I also wanted something that was a little unique, but not over the top. I saw this on Bluefly. I've never bought Via Spiga before. Is the quality nice? Also, what do you ladies think?

  2. I have Via Spiga shoes that have amazing leather and hold up very well.
    Why don't you look at Cole Haan they also have good bags for good prices. I am just not crazy about the middle section of this bag it looks kinda 70's. But I always say that if it goes with your style and your budget and you dig it...that is what matters.
    Good luck and let us know what you do :smile:
  3. Wow...thank you! This really helps!
  4. I only have Via Spiga shoes, they are nice and well made. I don't like the mid-section of the bag you posted, I tend to like simple bags. If you would consider other brands, how about Banana Republic, Monsac, or Furla? Good luck.
  5. That International Colbert one from Zappos is really nice! Neutral and stylish, I like it!
  6. Check out Cole Haan's website. They have some awesome brown leather totes!!!!
  7. I love that goldenblue; kinda reminds me of the michael kors totes from this season.

    also really like that hobo international! Very chic!
  8. BUTTERY - what type of tote? For school, work? Zipper or open top? Conservative/traditional or playful? Shoulder or hand carry? Price range?
  9. I'm not crazy about the mid section, either. I just love the shape and color. I was going to check Banana republic, but I kept hearing about color transfer onto clothing, so I passed. But they look great. I love Monsac...just couldn't find a shape that I liked. I'll definitely check Furla; I've had good luck with that brand. Thanks so much for your help.
  10. That is so gorgeous.:love: I just wish it were smaller.
  11. I want something casual, but not too playful. Casual enough to wear with jeans, nice looking enough to wear with a skirt. I'd use it while shopping, going to the park with 2-year-old... Definitely a zipper on top. I don't want to go over $300.00 if possible. Thanks so much!
  12. :nuts: OMG!!! I love that first one in Rum! Wow!!! That is perfect!!! Thank you soooooooo much! I still can't believe this...I was on that site yesterday and did not see that one at all.

    I love the Purse Forum!:cry: :lol: :lol: :lol: