I've been searching and searching for my HG and I finally found it..........

  1. Here's my Turquoise 05 Work. I am still in awe of this color. Pictures really don't do it justice. It is so saturated with color.

    :yahoo: :wlae: :yahoo: :wlae:


  2. i have to be one of the first to congratulate a fellow 05 turq work lover!!!!! once upon a time, this was my HG too!!!!!!


    modelling pics PLEASE!!!!!
  3. Congrats Cracker:yahoo:!
    It's a real Beauty :heart:!
    OMG look at this leather:drool: !
  4. Congrats!!

    The color is amazing!
  5. congratulations!! that bag is amazing!
  6. Cracker, so glad you found your bag. It's beautiful.
  7. the leather looks like heaven and I adore teh color!!! congrats!
  8. I'm happy that you were able to find your HG, Cracker. She's really beautiful :love: and its so rare to see an 05 turq in the work style too
  9. The colour of this bag is AMAZING!! Congrats!!:yahoo:
  10. OMG i am so happy for you.:party: That bag is gorgeous.:drool: Congrats :yahoo:i know you are going to look amazing with it.:tup::heart:
  11. Congrats Cracker!!!!!!!!
  12. Thanks so much girls! I honestly feel complete. However, that won't keep me from buying more bags in the future. lol. I love collecting all the colors. But I don't feel this urgency (right now) to buy another bag. I'll post pics soon wearing it. :smile:
  13. Wow. Wow...........................................wow!:nuts:
  14. yes I would love to see a pic of you wearing it, esp in the hand or bend of the arm if poss? I'm currently looking for a work and that one is gorgeous!!
  15. Congrats it's beautiful