I've been SCAMMED on ebay, too...

  1. I was so desperate to get an LV Mirroir Keepall, so I decided to go on eBay to find one. The stupidest thing I've ever done...

    I get the bag and of course, it is FAKE and with a FAKE receipt. I've learned my lesson and will never buy an LV on eBay.

    I reported it the item as counterfeit to both eBay and paypal, since I paid by paypal. Should I call my credit card company right away? I'm totally mad right now and don't know what else to do. I need all the support from my fellow tPFer's. Thanks.
  2. I think you should contact the seller and paypal. When I got a fake Prada bag recently- I emailed the seller. I actually didn't get a response until I filed a claim with paypal. The seller was very cooperative and did not realize they were selling a fake. I was able to get my money back after I had returned the fake. If you are shipping your bag back to the seller, definitely get signature confirmation so that you have proof that you sent the bag.

    Ebay can be great, but it can also be scary.

    Good luck!
  3. ^ agreed. sorry about your trouble uclaboi.

    i have dealt with fakes a few times, and if you report to paypal you should try and get it authenticated straightaway. you will need a letter for paypal. I don't know for LV but best to ask in the LV forum (and get your next ebay item authenticated there ;)) I have heard good stuff about caroldiva.com. also is the seller covered under buyer protection policy? if not you will hardly get anything back. then probably CC company is the best answer. you can only pursue one line of action though. you could try paypal first and if that doesnt work out report it with your CC company.

    I am sure others have lots more advice. hope it all works out and you get your money back!

    oh, also about contacting the seller: i wouldn't unless you open a dispute bec otherwise they will most likely take their their money out of the paypal account. it is possible that the funds are still there and you should get your money back in full. the problem about recovering funds is only when there aren't any in the account.
  4. joeyjimmy - thanks for the reply. she even provided a FAKE receipt, so she knew that she was selling a counterfeit product. I'm so angry...
  5. hi lara0112 - I know the bag is a fake now that I have seen the bag in person. I knew it when I saw the dust bag after I opened the box. Do you know what I'll need to provide to Paypal?

    As for contacting the seller: I did email her, but I also reported it to Ebay and Paypal.
  6. Ugh, sorry about this. I hope you can get your money back.
  7. It looks like the seller meant to cheat. After you file a dispute via PayPal and waiting for seller's response, you could pay a small fee and ask Mypoupette to provide you a letter for authentication. If PayPal failed to help, you could file a dispute charge with your CC company.

    You have taken the correct steps. When you send the bag back to the seller per PayPal or CC's instruction, make sure to take more photos of it just in case. And of course, please mail it with signature required confirmation.

    Good luck!
  8. One more thing: since you have filed a claim with paypal, do NOT mail the bag back to the seller until paypal tells you to do so. Even if the seller asks for it back. You'll need the bag as evidence.
  9. Sorry to hear about your trouble, a friend of mine was scammed on Ebay once but I have to say that I only ever have positive experiences when buying on Ebay. At least you paid with Paypal so the sellers account will be frozen until the matter is rectified. Wishing you all the best.
  10. Thanks for the tips!

    One more thing: Since I reported to Ebay that the listing was a counterfeit product, I noticed that the listing dissappeared and cannot be found anymore. I still have the listing number and all the emails, but the listing is not showing up. What's up with that??? Thanks again.
  11. fake mirroirs? ugh! WHY?!

    i'm so sorry you're going through this. i hope it gets squared away quickly.
  12. no idea why the listing has disappeared. it may have been pulled regardless of your complaint by VERO but you would have to investigate with ebay.

    you should get the letter of authentication asap bec once paypal determines you should get the letter you only have 10 days. ask in the LV forum where to get it best and quickest. LV will not give you a letter directly so you have to ask caroldiva or my poupette etc.

    is this a dispute, i.e. still at the stage of dealing with the seller or already a claim which means paypal will investigate the case? I agree with others, returning the bag is only an option if handled through paypal but AFTER you got the letter of authentication and taking a bunch of pics so that you are covered.

    did you have any communication with the seller so far?
  13. I still have the bag in the original box. I don't even want to touch or see this junk.

    It is filed as a claim case already with paypal. The seller has not reply to me or sent me anything, but apparently has sent paypal an email disagreeing with the claim. Paypal said that they are investigating.

    What is caroldiva and mypouette? Why are these sites qualified to do authentication? Anyone that knows anything about LV could tell that this bag is a counterfeit. I mean even the stupid receipt that the seller sent me was a computer generated junk. If the seller was trying to sell me a real LV, why send me a fake receipt? Right?
  14. it doesn't matter what anyone or everyone says: paypal will ask you for a letter of authentication since you claim it is fake. how else will they be able to make a decision? they will not ask authenticate themselves, they want an outsider. and obviously they can't just take your or the seller's word for it. LV has a policy for not authenticating so you need other sources.
    my poupette and caroldiva are shops/ people who authenticate LV items over the internet - like I said, go ask in the LV forum. I haven't used either but you can google them, they charge a fee for this service. I have heard that caroldiva is much better at getting back to you.

    once paypal asks for the letter you have 10 days to produce it or otherwise you will definitely lose out. if you have another official source, say boutique etc, to authenticate, great, get them to write a letter. I am recommending to get the letter now so you are ahead of the game. this is what paypal suggested to me when I filed a SNAD claim for a fake LV. i have heard that paypal accepts my poupette or caroldiva authentications but I am not sure if this is 100% guaranteed. you could always ask them yourself.

    if you choose either of these two services, take a lot of pictures and close ups of important bits for authentication so they can look at it properly.

    you can check out this forum, there are lots of stories on fake bag claims. good luck
  15. I would actually phone Paypal and tell them that the listing has now been removed by eBay. This may help your case (although it might not make any difference) because Paypal will know that eBay would not have removed it unless if was fake. So if the information that the bag was fake is good enough for eBay then it may be good enough for Paypal.

    However, as I said, it may not mean anything to Paypal. I would phone them but I would also try and get in contact with MyPoppette and see if they will give you a letter so that you are prepared - you don't want to lose this money.