I've been robbed!

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  1. What an idiot I am! I've been on Ebay for 5 years and got scammed twice before, but this time it's $1,500 I've lost for nothing. :crybaby::crybaby::crybaby:At first, she asked for $2,500 and agreed very easily to $1,500, which wasn't a good sign either.
    I hope there is something I can do. I submitted my offer for a bracelet and seller accepted it, but she said she will invoice me instead of accepting offer through Ebay, she simply ended the action. I was so anxious and greedy, I ignore my feelings and sent her money yesterday. Since then-she ignores my e-mails. I called to my bank to stop this transaction and while transaction is pending they can't do anything. They also ask me if I called PayPal, but it's pointless because I paid for this item not through Ebay.
    I can't even leave feedback for this witch. I thought I will but some cheap stuff she's selling also and leave her bad feedback.
    What should I do?? Who has experience in simular situations-please, share.
  2. Doesn't matter if you didn't go through eBay you can still do a chargeback with Paypal.

    The thing is she probably isn't sat at her PC all day which may be why she's not answering. You did only pay yesterday

  3. You will get booted off eBay for doing this!
  4. Although you didn't do this transaction through eBay did you still pay with Paypal?

    Can they not do anything? You would have thought that the bank could stop the transaction.

    Maybe phone Paypal and speak to somebody.

    Good Luck - I hope you get this sorted.

    How long ago did you actually pay for the item?
  5. Hopefully. I'll try.
    Before I paid she wrote me 5-6 times daily, but maybe you're right.
    How many days should I wait?
  6. Give her a chance to reply to the e-mails you've already sent. Did you agree in advance when she would send the bracelet?
  7. Do I understand correctly that the listing ended but you were the highest bidder? (your offer was accepted) does it show you as winner?

    then she sent you an invoice, was there an itemnumber included from ebay? It doens't matter whether you bought from Ebay or not you can still file claims on paypal. If you weren't the official winner in Ebay, I don't think you will have any protection (getting money back).
  8. Just yesterday. I hope you're right, guys, and I'm just being crazy here.
  9. are you sure you're not jumping the gun a little?like mooks said, people don't sit at theirs 'puters all day and it was only yesterday, she might have been saving on the fees by ending the auction rather than accepting the offer officially ?
  10. The bracelet was bought off eBay but will still be protected by Paypal buyer protection
  11. No, she ended the listing because an item wasn't available for sale anymore. It doesn't show me as a winner.
    When she sent an invoice she marked it as Goods.
    This is why I'm freaking out now.
  12. Yes, that's what she said numerous times. She didn't wanted me to pay thought Ebay because she would have to pay PayPal fees for action.
    I'm shaking now, my husband will be so angry at me :sad:
  13. Calm down, wait until you hear back from her. Even if she has done something dodgy you can file a claim with Paypal.
  14. On the invoice, does it has a address of the seller and a name?

    If you really don't feel good you could file a claim, at least that put things on hold.
  15. I don't think you can file a chargeback so soon after paying. I'll have a look on Paypal now