I've been robbed!

  1. My Chanel sunglasses got stolen! It happened today at university. I got out of class to borrow a camcorder for my digital photography course and left all my stuff behind as class was not yet over. When I got back and was just about to enter the hallway to my classroom I saw this girl wearing the exact same glasses, so I went :S I got into the room and the first thing I did was look for them and they were GONE! If I was only 10 seconds earlier I would've caught her in the act :censor:
    Too bad I dont know how she really looks like coz she had the glasses on. MY GLASSES!! :cry: I've only had them for less than two weeks..

    I'm sorry but I had to let it all out..
  2. OMG! I hope you get them back. Did you report it?

    BTW - I think this should be in the General Discussion area, not Chanel. Unless they were Chanel?
  3. Oops did I not mention that they were chanel ?
  4. i'm so sorry this happened to you.....:sad: .....:flowers:
  5. I hate it when that happens. People are so rude!
  6. omg.. You should definately go to report it in the Campus Security, and Post Posters around to show your Pair of CHANEL Glasses!!!!

    I had it happen to me once when I was a freshman, someone stole my DKNY shirt in the laundry, and so I had posters hung up EVERYWHERE in the dorms and sch buildings, and it MAGICALLY appeared on my front door !
  7. File a complaint!! They can ask her to prove that they are hers by showing a reciept of purchase. Bring in your reciept and demand action. They are not cheap!!!
  8. Sorry about what has happened
  9. Sorry to hear. Hope you get them back. What goes around comes around! :sad:
  10. AWW I am sorry that sucks! I hope you get them back!
  11. I agree with Selena, file a complaint!!! Sorry to hear, I hate theives.
  12. Ugh, that is just so sad. What makes people think they can just take something that doesn't belong to them? I'll never understand that.:cursing:
  13. OMG, that's awful! Big hug from me :flowers:
  14. Wow, that's crazy!!! She stole your glasses and immediately wore them on???? I'm feel sorry for you!!!
  15. That's really low. I don't know how you would prove those were actually your glasses though.