I've been robbed! Sniff Sniff

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  1. Hey guys , I know this is the only place someone is gonna understand how i feel. Here goes.... Well im originally from Honduras and i still visit once in a while and over there u have maids and stuff. A live in maid so since i always go and visit my family i have clothes , shoes and sniff sniff a Louis Vuitton Papillon u know just to have a bag over there. The Papillon was vintage beautiful maybe 80's i really dont know (it was my moms) . Well i decided i wanted it back so i asked my mom to bring it back since shes coming to visit me in March... well it turns out that my mom cant find the bag and some of my clothes and shoes are missing.. The live in maid that left already Stold MY VUITTON!!!!!!!! Im furious i dont know what to do since i cant just get up and leave to Honduras........ I needed to get my anger out , and u guys are always here to understand... Thanks for listening. :crybaby:
  2. :wtf:.....wow.....
    wait....I don't get it. If you know it's the maid who took it (without your mom's consent...so basically it's stealing), why don't you or your mom ask her to compensate/pay for the bag?

    Well I hope all goes well for ya *hugs*
  3. Ugh..I'm sorry..
  4. That's awful. I'm so sorry.
  5. Oh, so sorry. What goes around comes around. If the maid did it, she'll eventually get hers. And hopefully you'll get a replacement!
  6. That's terrible! I'm so sorry! Is there anyway to get in touch with the former maid and get your stuff back??
  7. Call the cops already!!
  8. Oh that is soooooo awful and I am soooo sorry. :sad:
  9. aww... I am so sorry. :sad:
  10. Oh wow, that's horrible. I hope you can work something out with her.
  11. Well if thats so easy i would do it.. I think this happened over a yr . I havent been over there since Aug 2005 and from Oct 2005 till April 2006 my mom was here with me ( breast cancer but all better) So no one was in my honduran house just my dad, brother and the maids . And men don't really pay attention to the house so in those months that my mom wasnt there (yea she is the one with the rules) the maids had lots of fun. And calling cops over there believe me im better off getting a new one. :sad:
  12. OMG! i am SO sorry that happened to you!! :sad:
  13. Aw, man, I'm sorry.

    It's truly an awful feeling knowing someone stole from you.

    Big hugs to you.
  14. I'm so sorry ! I have one word: Karma !
  15. Oh, that's horrible, I am so sorry!