i've been reporting a fake bag EVERYDAY

  1. there's a fake lv on eBay- i contacted the seller when it was listed, b/c i had a feeling that they didn't know it was fake. they wrote back (angrily) said it was authentic, and that they would report me to eBay for harrassment. i wrote back and explained why i knew the bag was fake and that he should do research before he sells these items. i have reported this bag everyday to eBay, and the auction is going to end soon! they never pulled it! the bidding is almost at $400!!! should i email the high bidder??? i feel so bad...
  2. It's a huge pain but best you can do is inform ebay not the seller...as if they care what you say. I informed ebay once and they took a sellers account away as they were mass selling fakes...
  3. Which auction is this? Mind posting the link so we can help you report it? BTW you're not allowed to contact the highest bidder, you might get suspended for that....
  4. If you contact the highest bidder you are risking YOUR eBay account!!
  5. Alway put the link on the relevant forum so they can help you report it, one person form the same ip address wont make a difference!
  6. ^ thanks for the info. I will post the link next time. it sold for almost $500. i am sick over it- the poor buyer! that's so much money! (for a fake!)
  7. I once reported a seller who was selling a fake Marni necklace. despite of my effort of reporting her almost EVERYDAY, ebay never ended the auction and it was sold at such high price. since then, i just got fed up with reporting fakes - what's the point of wasting my time and effort when nothing is exactly what they will do? this seller is still selling fake marni necklaces.. :sick:
  8. post the link. ill report it. maybe more than one report will work.
  9. why would her ebay account be at risk?
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  11. Whoever ebay has policing fake bags do not know what constitutes a fake! I have reported a lot of fake Chanel listings using the "report this auction" button at the bottom of the auction; however, you can't type in any text, only the auction number you are reporting.

    I just don't understand who is reviewing these auctions and not pulling them. Clearly they need qualified people doing this job!
  12. I don't know if all the designer subforums have the place for fakes thread, but I know the Chloe forum does and maybe if you sneak it there it would get pulled. I went once not too long ago as far as contacting the seller of a fake Chloe paddington and telling her the fake characteristics her bag had. She then proceeded to call me Stupid B***, that she had the receipt that proved it was authentic... I did not care, put it in the a place for fakes thread end even when it had ended ebay pulled it.
  13. ^ Are you referring to the subforum for fakes here in tPF or is there a special place on ebay? I am not following how putting an auction in the place for fakes thread on tPF would get ebay to pull the auction. They don't come here for authenticity purposes do they?
  14. I get the best results when Ipost fakes on th www.knowknockoffs.com
    Give it a try, when I just report to eBay, bags never get pulled, but when I list it on KKO, it gets pulled!
    Every so often I get really ticked when I see fakes make it all the way to the end, other days, I just don't have the energy to funnel into negative things. I don't even bother to report to eBay anymore, what a waste of time. There is strengh in numbers, go with KKO.
    good luck