i've been pretty bad the past few months.....

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  1. hmmm...i thought i was being good!! i guess NOT! :supacool:

    i love my new sunnies.... suppose to be a christmas present, it is still sunny in fla --- that's my excuse!

    just few of juicy charms are new....but i use them on my bags, cell, camera, phone...cute, aren't they?!! :love: :heart:

    ...and my baby, just turned one and she's been walking since her birthday - but the bag stays in the house!:sweatdrop:
    DSC05502.JPG DSC05495.JPG DSC05492.JPG DSC05466a.jpg DSC05506.JPG
  2. OMG your daughter and her little Louis! too cute!!
  3. awwz you'r daugter looks so cute! with her mini hl i think im a get my nice one for her b-day!
  4. I love the picture of your beautiful daughter and her little speedy!!!! How cute is that??????????????!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :smile:
  5. ooohh... Your baby girl is so cute...
  6. Ohhhhhhh she is so adorable!!!!!! :tender:Even hubby stopped playing with his PS3 to comment on how cute she is!!! :roflmfao:

    Love the charms too!!!
  7. Aww.. I love how she's got a little Vuitton, and you're not bad.. so much as fabulous ! :graucho:
  8. thanks everyone, so sweet!!! :love: :heart:

    is that ok if i posted a few more pics of her?!! :rolleyes:

    and could you tell your hubby to take another break from PS3?!! :roflmfao: i'm jealous, i'm on the wait list for #290 or something ridiculous....!:wtf:
    DSC05416a.jpg DSC05322a.jpg DSC05323a.jpg DSC05467a.jpg
  9. i love all the pics! your daughter is the most adorable baby ever... so cute with her little LV!
  10. your daughter is sooo cute! love all the charms and LOVE :love: those sunnies! I tried them on but they look weird on me :sad:
  11. OMG, what a cutie pie!
  12. Oh... your daughter is so adorable. Love all the new additions
  13. What a cutie your daughter is! You must send that into LV so they can see their next model.
  14. Omgosh I lOvE your sunnies!! Your baby is so beautiful & Love Love Love all your charms and Your purple Razor!! Your So Creative:tender:
  15. OMG, love the last picture! The expression on her face is just TOO CUTE!! Love all the new stuff too. :biggrin: