I've been offered the red Chanel flap with the new strap!

  1. Guys,

    I was in Chanel (Singapore) last Saturday and finally got to see the red Chanel flap with the new strap (all hardware, no intertwined leather). The red is of a darker, deeper shade (sorry, no pics, not allowed) than the red of the perforated flap (the SA had them side by side so this is the best description i can give). There are 2 2 available now but one is paid for already and another is on hold for MOI!!! The thing is, they also have in store now the black version (in lamsbkin too like the red) and honestly, I am loving the black better cos I think the colour is more suitable to my natural choice of wardrobe colours.

    Now my questions:

    1) I am so loving the exclusivity of the red but want the black for practical purposes. Would you advise I get the red or the black??? (I dont have a red bag and I just bought a black lambskin Coffer in early Feb.)

    2) Anyone else here has this bag?? Im wondering if it's just me or do the chains slip off the shoulders a lot?

    Help, you guys! TIA.
  2. I am getting this bag in red lambskin and I can't wait.

    If you already have a black bag then I say GO for the red.:heart:
  3. What is the strap like ? Much like the reissue strap ? In gold or silver ?????
  4. get the red, pejo!
  5. Hi jbag, here is a pix of the black flap showing the silver strap. Photo courtesy of PF member Lainey's very nice SA.
  6. OMG!!

    That is just stunning!
  7. I have this bag. It's the most stunning deep red / silver hardware combination classic flap I have ever seen.

    Smooth, is it the medium size or the jumbo that you are getting? I believe that the color looks best in lambskin than in caviar. Great choice going for the lambskin.
  8. Oooh---I LOVE that bag!!! It would be incredible in RED!!! I would get it!!!:love:

  9. Hi, are the straps comfortable on your shoulders? Do they slip off? The one on hold for me is a jumbo. Thanks in advance!
  10. Thanks Pejo for the picture. It's stunning ! I gather it's cheaper than the classic lambskin. It is lambskin isn't ?
  11. are they changing the classic flap chains to the new ones as pictured? or is it only to the lambskin? thanks!
  12. Pejo, mine is a medium, so far no problems with the chains staying on the shoulder.
  13. Go for the Red! Chanel has a lot of other fab Black Bags.
  14. Red, for sure.
  15. I love this in red. I am eventually going to get this in a medium. I lalso love the chain.