I've been obssessing about these 2 bags

  1. Hudson PM and Chanel caviar brown classic jumbo flap. I have loved these two bags forever. :sweatdrop: I know we're all LV lovers here but what do you all think? The chanel is very classic and will not get ruined and doesn't have the vachetta problem but then again the Hudson is sooo cute. :nuts:
  2. I'm not a fan of the Hudson...

    I just saw the Classic Jumbo Flap on Tuesday... it's TDF and I say go for that. hee hee hee.
  3. i like the Hudson, but the strap and buckle down the middle would bug me. the Chanel is a classic, so that may be better :yes:
  4. Another vote for the Chanel caviar classic flap! Did you read on another thread how tweetie's new caviar flew out of her shopping cart and skidded across the parking lot and there was no damage?! A classic bag AND sturdy!
  5. Another vote for Chanel :love: