I've been obsessing on what to buy......

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  1. Hello everyone! I'm new to the purse forum, but I belong to 2 denim forums. I started with a jeans obsession, but my friends jumped on the bandwagon, so now I need a new obsession - purses it is!! My husband is horrified with the cost of the purses, but I can't help it. Any advice on a first designer bag?? I have to say that I am not a fan of logos splashed all over the bag, although I can't help but like the Coach Carly tote. I need something that I can transiton to from a diaper bag!! I'm leaning to Chloe or Balenciaga. Hmmm.....
  2. Welcome!!!
  3. Welcome you will have a fab time on here

    Go Balenciaga - bigger in size for your needs
  4. Welcome. You are definitly going to like it here. May i suggest the LV Epi series?
  5. Welcome!!! I would pick Balenciaga as well. I have a chloe silverado, but it's a tad heavy. Visit the two forums, we'd all love to help you!!!
  6. welcome! :smile:
  7. Hello & welcome to TPF:smile:
  8. welcome! I'd say Balenciaga...but I'm not sure how comfortable I'd be if I was using it as a diaper bag....nice leather and baby fluids don't mix well...just be careful!
  9. welcome. im biased because im an LV fan so id say epi also. check out all of the fab bags in action threads in the subforums for ideas.