I've been naughty!!!!

  1. I ordered this stuff from the NM private sale last night. Now, I guess I wasn't too bad because I am DEFINITELY sending back one of the bags. I couldn't decide which one would better suit me, so I have to see them and try them on to decide. AND YES, I will have the strength to send one back! haha! :smile:

    I will definitely post pictures when they arrive. I got next day for the Faridah so she should be here tomorrow. I tried to get the Tina/Sunnies shipped faster but I was too late, so those pictures will be later.

    I really think the Tina is more my style, but I love the pockets and function of the Faridah...so we'll see!!
    tina.jpg hobo.jpg sunglasses.jpg
  2. congrats! those were excellent choices. did the sale end already? i tried the code this morning, but it wasn't working. :sad:

    i like the tina. the faridah is nice too, but i heard that it is rather heavy (so are most marc jacobs bags, but that is hardly a deterrence).

    oh well. all the better, i suppose.
  3. Good picks! You must post pictures when you get the chance!
  4. can't wait to see the pics! Congrats!
  5. I almost got that tina also! It's very pretty, I adore the color. And the sunnies were a great deal!! These hardly ever go on sale.
  6. Great deals Dawn!! I can't wait to see your pics when everything arrives!!
  7. Congrats Dawn!!!
  8. I :heart: that Tina you scored!

    Congrats on your purchases!
  9. :nuts: Good job Dawn!!! Post pics when you can...Can't wait to see!!! Congrats!!!
  10. You have been bad! J/K! The bags are so pretty let us know which one you definitely decide to keep!
  11. Congratulations Dawn! The Tina looks so cute!!
  12. it's gorgeous.
  13. Thanks everyone!!! ;)

    It looks like the Faridah will be arriving today sometime. This is one time I hope that FedEx does not leave it at our door (unless they wrap it in plastic); it's rainy today!
    So I may have it tonight or tomorrow - will definitely post pictures!
  14. has your faridah arrived yet? post pics :biggrin:
  15. also, was the faridah included in the 30% off sale??