I've Been MIA for a While . . . . But I'm Baaack!!

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  1. And with a new bag!! :yahoo:

    I've been wanting this bag for a while now -- since we saw pics of it last spring, when the Fall bags were revealed. I missed my chance of pre-ordering it from Aloha Rag, so I asked my SA at Barneys to let me know when they received them (they told me they were getting it), but then I discovered that they didn't order the leather version, only suede or pony hair. By this time, I couldn't find this bag anywhere. There had been sightings of this bag at several TJMaxx stores, but they were all too far away. I kept checking the stores close by, hoping one would show up, but I came up empty handed every time. It was torture!

    Then one day, a purse fairy appeared and granted my wish! She just arrived today -- and it's a beauty! The smell alone is just intoxicating!!
    celine 008.JPG Celine Shoulder Bag 001.JPG Celine Shoulder Bag 009.JPG
  2. It's the Large Shoulder Bag in Grey! :cloud9::love:
    The leather is just incredible!! I'm pretty sure it's the same leather they use for the Palmetto Luggage bags -- it's super smooth and soft, and like I already said, the smell is intoxicating!! The tag says Calfskin (both exterior & lining). I love that it has silver hardware! There's no better combination, IMO, than grey leather & silver HW!!

    I took these pics outside and there was nothing inside (other than tissue), which is why the bag looks so flat and shapeless when it's standing -- but these pics show off the color and leather best (the pics above were taken inside with the flash, and once I put my things inside the bag)
    001a.JPG 002a.JPG
  3. .
    005.JPG 003.JPG 003a.JPG 003b.JPG
  4. :drool:Suede lining!!!:drool:
    (and lots of pockets!!)
    004.JPG 004a.JPG 004c.JPG
  5. oooh....so fab! big big congrats :biggrin:
  6. Modeling pics (this is with all my stuff inside -- I love how "flat" it is!)
    (please excuse my bare-feet & casual attire --lazy day at home today!:blush:)
    IMG_2414.JPG IMG_2415.JPG IMG_2413.JPG IMG_2411.JPG
  7. welcome back! you look fabulous!!
  8. Gorgeous!!! I love it on you! I also love that it's the right amount of slouch. I was afraid it could fold into itself a little too much. Looks great!
  9. Thank You! :flowers:

    You're so kind ~ thank you!:tender:

    It does have a nice little slouch right now, but I can't wait for the leather to soften up some more so that it slouches even more! The leather is truly TDF! I'm really impressed!
    Thank you!:cutesy:
  10. Congrats! I played with the large in black and I was so tempted to bring it home with me. Are the rivets that connect the straps strongly enforced on your bag? My SA warned me about it and that was a very disappointing for a beautifully designed bag... Apparently they had return the bags to Paris due to the rivets.
  11. oh my goodness it is gorgeous and looks stunning on you!!! :heart:
  12. They look like they're pretty secure -- the leather is reinforced where the long "D" ring attaches to the shoulder strap. While I don't think my bag is overloaded, it does have quite a bit inside and there doesn't appear to be any unusual stress on the bag and/or shoulder strap. I'll definitely keep an eye on it though
    Thank you so much!
  13. gorgeous bag, congratulations. i completely agree, the grey with silver is beyond beautiful and SO versatile!
  14. Very Pretty! Congrats and Enjoy
  15. Oh gosh - love that suede interior!!! Congrats to that beauty! Happy you were able to find it in the end!