I've been lurking.....

  1. Hi there, I am new! I have been lurking for weeks since I found this awesome site! I check it everyday and LOVE reading all of the postings. I am learning so much and have finally found people who love these bags like I do. I got my first LV bag for Xmas, yes, the mono speedy 30 and I am hooked!!
  2. Welcome Laura :amuse:
  3. Welcome :biggrin: I'm hoping to get my first Speedy this weekend!
  4. Welcome !!!!!
  5. :flowers: welcome! i'm still slightly new too.
  6. Welcome!
  7. WELCOME!!!:flowers:
  8. Welcome from a newbie too!
  9. My desire to own more pieces actually waned, which is good cause I don't have the $ for it right now! I still love LV though!
  10. Welcome, I'm still new too!
  11. To everyone new - WELCOME! We would love to see pictures of your bags!
  12. Welcome Laura and be prepared to be dragged into purse obsession even deeper then you thought humanly possible.

  13. Welcome
  14. Welcome!!
  15. Welcome!!