I've been looking around in here...

  1. and I've decided that I have to have a Gucci. I found one I love on the site, and of course, it's the $19,800 one that's waitlisted. :lol: I love the black logo print with the horsebits though. I'm gonna keep looking and lurking around in here, listening to y'all, so I know more about what I'm looking for!
    I'm Beth, btw. :smile:
  2. Would love to see what a $19,800 bag looks like.
  3. Wow, you've got expensive taste girl.;)
  4. That Gucci Positano is delicious! But 20 grand? Wow!
  5. Or, of course, you could buy a new car =)
  6. Oh boy! Yep, 20K would almost buy my car! :wtf:
  7. that color is pretty!!!
  8. I was kidding! I LOVE the bag but I'd never spend that much on a bag. I'm not even close to being able to afford it. Hell, I can't even spend that much on a car right now. :lol:
    I want the leather version of the bag, though, and it's like 1/20 the price.