I've been itching for an emerald bag - any suggestions?

  1. I've been eyeing the RM Morning After mini in emerald for some time now, but I'm also open to other suggestions. Mid to high end is fine. I'd also be okay with navy as long as it wasn't so dark as to be nearly black.

    Any suggestions?
  2. New MULBERRY Emerald is absolutely breathtaking. Just out next month in the early Fall collection.

  3. Balenciaga has a gorgeous Emerald color from the 2006 collection!! I would highly suggest looking into those, if you have any interest in bbags.... :smile:
  4. Balenciaga doesn't have any authorized online merchants, right? Is there anywhere I can find an emerald bbag?
  5. i would recommend balenciaga also. The emerald is beautiful. Don't know online sellers but you can check the balenciaga forum as to where you can buy a bbag
  6. i like the RM Morning After a lot and think it looks great in emerald.

    i also think the Kale Tate is a great emerald bag. do a search on it on the TPF. you'll be able to find many threads and pics of it.
  7. what about the kooba parker in ink (navy) it's soooo pretty!

  8. I have lusted over the Kale Tate in the past. I'm a little torn now.. Is it crazy to have 2 emerald green bags? Heh.
  9. balenciaga!
  10. Since it was a 2006 color, some places like BalNY, NM, or Saks may have some older stock, so you might open a thread in the bbag area to see if anyone has seen one in their travels...

    Aloha Rag may have some, they take fax/email orders. www.aloharag.com
    Diabro.net has auth bags online that many tPF have used & recommend... I can't tell if this is Emerald or Sapin... I think its Sapin, but they seem to have a couple different greens on there. http://diabro.net/product_info.php/cPath/192_237/products_id/3495

    Otherwise, eBay may be one of your few options...
  11. I saw a 2006 sapin green City on Annsfabulousfinds.com that looks brand new. If that's not too dark for you.
  12. Yes, if you mean this Mulberry Smithfield bag, ITA! Love this shade of green.

  13. Ooohhh, I love that shade of red even more.
  14. This is my Balenciaga Emerald Twiggy (2006).....