I've been invited...

  1. So I got home and recieved a super cute invites from Gucci inviting me to the viewing of their new indy bags!! Also they are offering complimentary monogramming of your indy bag!

    Does everyone get these who purchases something?

    I took a few pics and the invite is the color of the gunmetal items!! So pretty!

    Had to wrestle this from my 2 year old~ the envelope

    Coming out of the invite...

    The actual Invite folded


    Close up of the models

  2. Oh, you lucky gal! I only got the credit card bill...
  3. :roflmfao:
  4. hehe arnt their littl invites and books SO cute!! i luv them!!! my fav was the cd a few seasons ago, was actually pretty hot

    and my SA sent me this hardbound mini book haha it was SO darn cute!!! not sure if i recieved that one...gucci has my AZ address and i doubt ill change it to oklahoma because no way in hell im living here after school haha :smile:

    haha my mom ussally tries to sneak the mails out to the garbage hahahaha shes like "well if u see it youll want something else" hahah god i love her! shes so crazy
  5. yeah I got this today too! They always send me dvds and things like this. I don't buy much from them so I don't know?!
  6. lucky you, congrats!!
  7. Luky you :smile:
  8. lucky lucky you ;)
  9. I got one too!! Not sure if I'm going though.. it'll be too much temptation to buy something!
  10. i got one as well for the rodeo drive one!

    hi! this is my first post in the gucci subforum! i usually lurk! ;)