i've been holding out on you..

  1. my daily comrades..


    and my reliable friends: http://i176.photobucket.com/albums/w169/leeee20/selling038.jpg

    I also bought the cotton canvas carly wristlet but after seeing the new turnlock wristlets coming out I'm waiting it out. I do want to get the lion as well this week. I do still use my lv and mj accessories with this, but lately everyday coach comes along for the ride vs. my ever changing moods on other brands. ole reliable!
  2. Such great items you got! I think your pic of the patent ergo sold me on getting one!!!:p
  3. awesome stuff!!! how much do you love your patent ergo? I have the red one and it's seriously my favorite Coach ever!
  4. You sure have! Nice finds. :biggrin: :tup:
  5. I LOVE IT! and it's not too big! And remember I'm a strictly wristlet or clutch gal, very minimal. But here I can just throw everything in, even a james patterson novel and still breeze through the day without any issues. Bags like the Ali killed my shoulder with just my cles, phone, and agenda. I exchanged it that day for the hobo. It's so light, and it goes with everything. I think it gives my bum around wardrobe some edge. I wear it with sweats, skinny jeans, soffees, pjs lol, it just works somehow. or maybe im just delusional. I just love it! and my striped accessories go great with it!
  6. And it still maintains a hot slouch when I have next to nothing in it to my huge books in it. And its SOOO comfortable!!
  7. so cute i love it all. the turtle is adorable !
  8. LOVE IT!!!!!!! The patent is TDF!!!
  9. Great stuff
  10. great pictures, awesome stuff!
  11. Nice stuff!! I love that ergo!!
  12. Congrats on your patent Ergo! That is one hot bag! I am so glad you got it! I have it in Mahogany and really love it! Congrats on all you other stuff as well!
  13. great buys!!!! The patent is gorgeous!

  14. LOVE the patent ergo and legacy stripe . . . nice
  15. seriously, that bag is making me drool. I love seeing pics of it!