I've been holding out on you....pics of my collection :)

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  1. Camel large leather Madeline
    DSC05769 (Medium).JPG
  2. Large Hamptons carryall
    DSC05770 (Medium).JPG
  3. Mahogany/gold Julianne
    DSC05772 (Medium).JPG
  4. Love love LOVE this bag...large mahogany pleated leather Ergo
    DSC05773 (Medium).JPG
  5. Black leather Madison magazine tote
    DSC05774 (Medium).JPG
  6. Love this one too...berry pleated leather Ergo
    DSC05777 (Medium).JPG
  7. Teal satin jewelry holder thingy...not really sure what it's called but it's really cool :smile:
    DSC05778 (Medium).JPG
  8. Large magenta cosmetic bag
    DSC05779 (Medium).JPG
  9. I got this whiskey legacy slim tote off the bay for $160. The seller said it was in good condition. I get it, and it's FILTHY. But I have restored her back to health and it looks AMAZING now. Yay Apple leather cleaner!!!
    DSC05780 (Medium).JPG
  10. Large camel leather Ergo
    DSC05781 (Medium).JPG
  11. Another love...large mahogany leather Garnet
    DSC05782 (Medium).JPG
  12. An op art summery tote
    DSC05783 (Medium).JPG
  13. Nice legacy black leather #11127...not sure of the name!
    DSC05784 (Medium).JPG
  14. Scarf print tote #11116
    DSC05785 (Medium).JPG
  15. Matching scarf print wristlet
    DSC05786 (Medium).JPG