i've been hiding, but now i hv something to show...

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    this!! :love: i know it's not a big thing or so...

    after the speedy and the belem pm..i've decided i wanted something bigger then the ipanema..but perfect for a night's out..i'm a bit disappointed there isn't an inner pocket though..

    the strap is too short...i know there's been a thread with tPFers making their own extenders..i don't want to purchase one as i think it's too expensive for an extender only!

    what would u guys suggest? TIA! i have no idea how to make an extender! :Push:

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  2. Very nice.. congrats to you..
  3. Congrats rensky!!!:yahoo: It's a cutie. Sorry I can't help you with the extender cos I never use one.:Push:
  4. very pretty:love:
  5. thanks!!! if only i could do a damier a day... :roflmfao:

  6. So cute. I want one! Enjoy!
  7. It'a adorable!

    Are you planning to model it for us!?! :nuts:
  8. Very cute, now you need to model it for us..congrats!!! another damier piece to your collection..
  9. Cute buy and congrats on your new piece!
  10. Oh she's gorgeous! Congrats!
  11. Nice! I want one of those so bad! I'm addicted to pochettes!
  12. syntagma, bagsnbags: the straps are too short.i can't put it on my shoulder :hysteric:no modeling just yet.. :rolleyes:
  13. can u believe it? this is my first pochette! :yahoo:

  14. Nice pochette Comngrats!!
  15. wow, congrats!!! gorgeous!!!