I've been good and waited - will it EVER go on sale??

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  1. Hi - OK, so my black paddy at NAP hasn't gone on sale (either site), and I can't find any at LV or Diabro etc.. Has anyone seen a black medium paddy on sale??? I'm in NZ so can't go into stores, but I can try ringing them in the states if they have any on sale...

    Will/have/do the classic paddy's go on sale? It seems everything else but does!! Help!! :confused1:
  2. I've purchased two of my paddy's from Aloha Rag :tup: Check Deals and Steals often... that's how I got mine!http://www.aloharag.com/highseas/assets/images/english/store/women/ch/bags/7ssa02padmblkb/7ssa02padmblkb.htm

    I also recall seeing one on Overstock, but it was snatched up quickly!http://www.overstock.com/Apparel/Designer-Handbags/Chloe,/brand,/2102/cat.html
  3. Thanks! Yup, I'm constantly monitoring all the stores that I know of (and that are authentic) - kind of getting over it and just want to buy one from NAP!! But, then I'll be gutted if I suddenly see one of sale!! ARRRRGH!! :tdown: Instant gratification would be all good!!!
  4. I have a friend who just got her gorgeous paddy from overstock.com, but she is returning it... I'd check in a week or so for the return. :smile:
  5. Great, thanks I will!
  6. ahhh Hilton, I feel so sorry for you. I could not believe it when I saw that NAP had put absolutely NO paddys in the sale, Its just very very odd, and I am not convinced that when they do a second mark down they wont add any! its just so odd that the last 2 seasons they have had fantasticly good markdowns 50 percent off of rouge, anthracite, tobacco in the past and lots more at 30 percent.

    I keep looking for you too! if they do sneak them into the sale, we will be sure to let you know :biggrin:
  7. Thanks so much Chloe-babe!!! I was wondering if they had a second mark down sale???? In that case, I'll keep hanging on - at least I'll know I'll tried the best I can to get it on sale! :yes:
  8. There was one at Nordstrom Tysons Corner 2 weeks ago (I posted about it). It's long-gone but it might be worth calling a Nordstrom SA and asking them to search. :shrugs:

    Good Luck!
  9. Thanks! Only prob is I live in NZ so I'm not sure who / where to call, and what time etc. Any pointers??