I've been gone HOW many days!!! Is there a weaning patch for the PF??

  1. Six days has been wayyyy too long! BUT I am ALL moved in and almost all my boxes have been undone! This will be my first "relaxing" weekend for a while and I think it will all be spent at the pool! :beach:
    I haven't finished my closet since I decided to save the best for last :wlae: !! I will have to take pictures for ya'll to see of the new house furnished. Hope everyone is well and I missed everybody!! :yahoo:
  2. welcome back CHAG!!!!!!!!! Glad the move went well.
    And I can't wait to see pics....mostly your closet though LOL
  3. Can't wait to see pics of your closet!!! Welcome back!
  4. Welcome back Chag, can't wait to see pictures.
  5. Welcome back, girl!! I hated when we move and had to put everything in order! Yes please post pics so we can see your beautiful house again!