I've been given the Centurian Amex - CLs here I come

  1. My financier, err I mean Fiance' has given me carte blanch for a shopping day.:yahoo::yahoo: So, I just ordered these CLs. I'm so excited I can hardly contain my happiness, so I wanted to share with you guys:woohoo:

  2. Wow, all are so gorgeous!
  3. Nice choices! be sure to post pics once you receive them.
    I just picked up the fantonete and I absolutely love them. The taupe will be a nice neutral shoe.
  4. Congrats, please post pics when they arrive so we can oogle them!
  5. nice! have you warned the fiance that the bill isn't going to look too pretty? lol
  6. YAY!!!
    Please post pics one you get them!
  7. Very nice selection. Please post pics for us, when you get them.
  8. You have an awesome fiancé! Please post an update when you receive them all!
  9. Excellent choices!
    Your fiance sounds like a keeper! Let's hope that he does not have a mini hard attack when the bill comes! LOL:nuts:
  10. good choices! but your best choice was probably your fiancee!! we need pics :woohoo:
  11. Wow, Do you loan him out???? No sex, just shoes is all I want! Great choices!!!! Post pics!!
  12. Doubly jealous - both of the shopping and the Centurion Amex :tup: I have always wanted one of those... I hear the perks are unbelievable!
  13. Oooh congrats! You're a lucky lady!
  14. Lovely fiancé and very nice choices can't wait to see you modelling pics!
  15. Woohoo! :nuts: Now that's what I call a shopping spree. I can't wait to see pictures!