I've been DUPED! I bought a SO Vince sweater from ebay and it's FAKE

  1. of course the seller only accepted money orders. Everything is wrong. The color of the tags, the font, the way the writing is lined up the seems on the sweater, the pin color. I have about 7 other VINCE items and happen to have this exact sweater in the med. that I purchased at Neimans. I needed the small and this was the only place I could find it. Still $125! What to do. Contacted the seller but without paypal I have nothing:confused1:
  2. I would tell the seller you need a refund because you are aware it is a fake.
    See what she says first.
    Is she a reputable eBay seller?
    Send or post the item number

    Some sellers are so afraid of receiving a neg. feedback, they will work with you.

    Contact seller first and see what your reply is.
  3. Geeez, sorry to hear this Z & J. I wish I had some advice for you. Could you please PM me the seller's ID as I've been looking at some Vince stuff on eBay. Thanks *hugs*, I hope it works out for you.
  4. Sure, here it is. I will post pics of real tags compared to these tags shortly
    and not the "Vince" or size Small tag on the inside of the sweater
  5. Item number?
  6. I'm sorry Z&J - I hope you get a refund or at least a genuine Vince item. What a bummer :sad:
  7. Definitely contact the seller in a non-threatening way, like, "I'm sure you had no idea, but this item isn't real. I'll need to request a refund." See what they do. If they don't respond, or they are abusive, file a complaint with eBay right away. Good luck!