I've been diagnosed with "Hypervuittonism"

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  1. So I finally read an article online that defines what the disease is that I suffer so badly from. It is called Hypervuittonism.
    Anyone want to join the support group ?
  2. i'll join!!! i should have been diagnosed years ago. Is "hyperchanelism" classified as a disease yet?
  3. I am not sure...maybe we need to goggle both and see what comes up ??
  4. I May Have This To!:flowers:
  5. What are the symptoms? I strongly believe I've had this eating away at me for quite some time...
  6. that is so funny !
  7. I think I might have the disease too!
  8. #8 Sep 27, 2010
    Last edited: Sep 27, 2010
    Hypervuittonism is the unquenchable desire to consume all things Louis Vuitton. It is truly a great addiction that I have had for 20 years and I do not want a 12 step program for it. I love Louis Vuitton and so glad that I know a name for my disease now !! I read about it in a great article online this past weekend. Goggle "Hypervuittonism."
  9. ^ Yep, definitely got it then! I suspect it's highly contagious too, because ever since I've been here it's only worsened!
  10. I've contracted this is my teens, doesn't seem to get any better with age :P
  11. Me tooooooo!
  12. I'm in there, too! Have always been plotting my next LV purchase, one after another, for years!
  13. That is so cute!!!!!!!
  14. You've got the disease for sure !! "Hypervuittionism"
  15. I think Im startin to have this.. and I :heart: it! LOL