I've been busy....(reveal)


Nov 1, 2005
Hi everyone!

I hope that everyone had a great holiday weekend filled with lots of yummy food and good purse scores! I've been really busy with work (still working over 45 hours each week), school (6 credits), and TAing, so I haven't had much time to be on the forum, or really much else. However, I've gotten a few things to treat myself to de-stress because that's all I've been feeling this semester.

Here they are...

1) MbyMJ Little Nylon Tate -- I have a few bags in the nylon line and really love them! So light and easy to carry. They are especially great for a "light" day at school and work.

2) MbMJ PTTM Pochette -- I've kind of given up on large bags since my backpack has become my purse :-s. I got this about two months ago. I use it almost daily for easy access to my school and Metro IDs and phone.

3) Little Stam -- it's my birthday today, and my family gave me some money which I promptly decided to spend on MJ ;). Going for the smaller bag again since it will easier to carry with my backpack.

Thanks for letting me share!



foxy lady!
Mar 21, 2007
Happy Bday Suli.. Hope you have a good one!
And i love all 3 newest additions! :heart: