I've been brainwashed, ice blue first is HERE!

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  1. So after stumbling into the forum and then discovering the b bag forum (which is by far the most active from what I can see) after all these years suddenly I just HAD to HAVE a balenciaga of my own. Its here! My very own ice blue first, purchased from a pfer after seeing it on the forum and eBay.

    I have owned 75% of "the majors" gucci, fendi, marc jacobs, prada, dior but thid bag has reached cult status, totally a classic and the leather ooh, now I know what smooshy means!

    Will post pics soon, just wanted to share my excitement.

    you had me at hello
  2. Pictures?????
  3. Congarats and welcome to the club (cult?) ;)
  4. CULT Definitely:wlae: , I need batteries for my camera, can't wait to post. But I had to work tonight so not time to play with my new toy!
  5. Congrats!
  6. oooh, can't wait to see pics! welcome to the bbag cult !
  7. Congrats!Looking forward to the pics!:yes:
  8. I :heart: Ice Blue!!
    I have a City in that colour and i find it to be a great colour!!
    Enjoy your new beauty and then post pics ASAP!!