i've been bitten..

  1. by the gerard darel bug! i'm dying for a chocolate 24h with the chains :love: , i can't get darelgirl's out of my mind! i've been googling and searching pf, but it seems the BG is the only place in the us to find one? i went to BGs website and nothing :sad: . any ideas of where to begin my search?
  2. Call the BG store in NY. They can ship it to you. Ask for Ilona. She's very nice and helpful. I haven't heard about them having gotten the style with chains yet... But she might be able to have an ETA.
  3. Oh good luck on your hunt !
  4. What a nice bug to have :lol::lol:

    Good luck and happy hunting !!
  5. Yes, you have to call. Ask for womens first floor handbags. They're not in the high-end designer area (too bad...they should be).
  6. Nice bag! Good luck & hope you find one soon...
  7. Lol...I love the way you titled your thread!
  8. I know how you feel- I succumbed last week and my bag (got the one without chains) should be here by Wed or Thurs!
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