i've been bitten, by the b-bug~

  1. hello ladies~
    I did it!
    I'm going to be a proud owner of not just one but two cities~~~
    So excited... can't wait to get them...
    Black and blue glacier.... Both from Aloha Rag~
    The blue is such a yummy color!
  2. Oh wow! Congrat Dumdumsum!! You're going to LOVE your new bags! ;)

    And the b-bug must have bitten you pretty hard huh? Not one but TWO!! :graucho:

    Welcome to the bbag club Dumdumsum!! :smile:
  3. Whops..sorry just realized when I pressed 'post'...I spelt your name wrong :sweatdrop: Apologies dumdumsun..
  4. WOOHOO!! These are 2 of my favorite bal colors! :heart: Double congrats to you!! :yahoo::yahoo:
    I've been dying to also get a blue glacier in a city, but am just waiting it out for now.
  5. love both colors. congrats!!!!
  6. Oh, you won't be disappointed, esp. with the Bleu Glacier! Excellent and stylish choices for your first Bbags. Can't wait to see pics of the BG
  7. oooh i love blue glacier!! Yay congrats on both of your bags!!!
  8. OH MY!! What a beautiful catch!!! Congrats!!!!!
  9. Congrats!!!!!!!!!!
  10. Congrats. Once you go bbag you never go back!
  11. Congrats!! Two at once, how exciting.
  12. the blue in the pic is sooo pretty....

    for me, black is THE way to go :smile:

  13. congratulations! I am sure your will enjoy your new bags
  14. Dumdumsum - WOW 2 new Bbags :nuts: :yahoo: :nuts: Lucky girl :graucho:
  15. YIPEE!!! CONGRATS, SOOOOOOOOOO EXCITED FOR YOU. Wear them with a big smile, ENJOY ;)