I've been bitten by the B-bag bug!

  1. I usually post in the Coach forum because B-bags are a little rich for my blood, but I really fell in love with the color French blue. I've been wanting a bright blue bag for summer, and Coach doesn't offer anything like that. So, I really want a French blue first, but I can't justify the cost to myself or my husband! What should I do?!? Please tell me how to resist this urge!
  2. i felt guilty the first time i bought a b bag. but i was only buying a 500$ b bag, i got it on eBay.
    then i purchase another more in higher prices and so on.

    how do i justify spending so much money? hm.... because i know i can always sell it again if i needed money.
  3. ^Very true seahorseinstripes... it seems that for *right now* Bbags hold a pretty good resell value, but I don't want to count on that, because it could change...

    Coda... ;) Good to see ya over here. I wasn't sure what to reply to this thread for a few reasons... I don't want to be held responsible for enabling you into buying something that you will regret or will cause a rift in family life... In all seriousness, I wouldn't want fashion purchases to become a point of contention w/ my DH, so I prefer to just *tell him as little as possible*, LOL... which works for me, but won't work for all...

    However, I would suggest hanging out in the balenciaga area, going to see them in person (if possible), and doing as much research as possible before you take the plunge...

    French blue is a gorgeous color, and Balenciaga has a number of gorgeous blues, so if you are looking for a blue - you're in luck!! Honestly, once you have one, you won't need to "justify", because they are such beautiful, functional bags... the reasons to add to your collection just seem to fall into place. :graucho:

    Good luck with your decision!! And I know that if you decide on your first Balenciaga, you'll definately want more!! There are tons of gorgeous styles and colors out there though, so you love the style & colors, and are looking for a fantastic leather... then you're in the right place... :smile:
  4. Coda... you've come to the wrong place, we are terrible enablers :graucho: Usually, I can stop at drooling over everyone else's bags, but once in a while, I just have to have that one particular bag :rolleyes:
  5. I can identify with and respect all the previous posts, but when you are on the edge about deciding to buy another Bbag......you don't want to come here for advice. Someone will always encourage you to make that next purchase....you can bet on it. I love TPF. :heart: :heart: It's the only place where everyone understands your desire to collect additional Bbags. Actually there are some voices of reason here in the Bbag forum......I am not one of them. whatever you decide.....welcome to the Bbag section of TPF.
  6. I was in the same boat. What I ended up doing was going through my closet and selling everything I could think of on eBay and then using that money to buy a discounted Bbag on eBay.
  7. I know what you're going through.

    Here's what I tried to do: Start saving. Even though I had the cash, it made sense to me to just start saving a couple hundred bucks a month specifically for a b-bag. Then, in August when I finish my MBA, it would be my treat.

    Then I found an ink city on ebay and won the auction:yes:

    So, it's a great idea in practice. Just make sure you don't fall in love with something that's discontinued!
  8. I agree!!! I start to save then find something I just have to have now!!! My obsession with bbags is a recent one since xmas 06!!! Once you buy a bbag you will fall in love! And if kept nicely it would always be possible to sell it in the future!
  9. hahhaha if you came to hear BUY BUY BUY IT!!! you've come to the right place!! :graucho:

    You should start a bbag fund...possibly sell some of the Coach you have lying around the closet? And...justify to your husband by saying "It's an INVESTMENT!" and "This is WEARABLE ART" << --- Those are MY justifications!!! :rolleyes: :lol:

    You can also find some great deals on ebay too...just make sure to authenticate it first and bid away! Good luck on your first bbag hunt, and welcome to this crazy addiction!!! :upsidedown:
  10. Coda welcome to the Bbag forum~

    I'm a newcomer as well but this subforum is so lively and the ladies here are very.... jolly~
    I'm sure it's our love for colorful vibrant B-bags that set the tone. You'll fall in love with your blue-toned bag whatever it may be~
  11. I've recently been bitten by the B-bag bug as well! Although, it seems like all the colors I'm currently lusting after are from several years ago...How frequently do you see some of older colors such as Eggplant, Bubblegum Pink, Marigold, Magenta or the Red from 03 (darker shade of red) not sure what the exact color is called, come up for sale/auction? :girlsigh:
  13. I agree, that this isn't the best place to visit if you want to avoid making purchases. Hanging out here is like a drug addict hanging out with a bunch of other drug addicts where we all just help feed each others' addiction. I've bought 3 Bbags in the past few months and I'm desperately trying not to get another one, but my resolve is fading fast. When I see everyone else's lovely bags I get very jealous and want more :drool:).
  14. ^ :roflmfao: :roflmfao: :roflmfao:

    Isn't that the truth though? LOL...

    ARGH... I was supposed to be on a "break" after receiving the 07 Aqua... but then... I saw those pictures of Anthracite, Sandstone, and Periwinkle, and I feel like I NEEEEEEEED more!!!! I'm afraid DH won't understand, in my defense - he should not be at work as much, leaving me defenseless, with my only entertainment being ebay and access to the phone ...to call BalNY.... tee hee...

    Oh dear... I think this really is an addiction. :sweatdrop:
  15. do you have a lot of coach? if you do, sell off most of it, and you'll prolly be well on your way to affording a bbag. to help convince your husband, explain that you're 'trading' in some of your coach's for a bbag. i personally like to have 1 really nice bag vs 10 ok bags. but definently do your research before you buy. hang around this forum for a month or 2 and then decide if you really want one. touching them can also be good, but if you go touch one, you might really want one ;)