I've Been Bitten By The B-Bag Bug!! **Pics of Aquamarine GH and Anthra Part Times**

  1. Okay, so I'm sure this has happened to you all. A simple, almost silly question that I asked my friend, "what do you know about Balenciaga bags?" Of course, she chose to tell me about another friend of ours who knew a bit more about B-bags... so I asked her and that was when I got bit.

    I didn't really feel bitten, but suddenly I felt feverish for a B-bag. It didn't help that another friend was also bitten, so we both have the disease now! LOL!! So... I now own two new Part Time bags: Aquamarine GH and Anthracite. Thanks for letting me share!

    Here are some pics...
    Aquamarine GH w/ Flash and w/out Flash

    Anthracite RH w/ Flash and w/out Flash

    Side by side w/ Flash and w/out Flash
  2. Oh stars, do you love your Aqua like you hoped you would? She soooooo gorgeous! WoW.:drool:
  3. I love the part time......and those colors are just divine!!!!!!!
  4. lordguinny... girl, you weren't joking... the aqua is amazing. :smile: I LOVE LOVE LOVE it! I love the Anthra too. I kept thinking... "eh... maybe I'll just return it or exchange it for something else." Well, bite my tongue. LOL
  5. Hi Sandy! Those are both gorgeous. I love the charms too. Where did you get those?
  6. Sooo gorgeous!! :love: Love the color and leather on both...What a way to dive into the bbag world!! :nuts: I love the charms you have on them...Congrats!! :yahoo::yahoo:
  7. That is SO funny, I also bought an aqua and anthracite bag at exactly the same time (except in the city style). Great bags. Great taste. :tup:
  8. your aquamarine looks amazing with GGH!
  9. they are both just lovely!!
  10. www.minimoon.biz I think. lol. The prices were pretty good and she has a lot off different charms. :smile:
  11. I've just fallen in love the the B- bags especially those with GH - your Aquamarine is GORGEOUS!!

    Congrats on both and enjoy!
  12. Both are GORGEOUS, but I am in LOVE with the Aqua!! Congrats!!
  13. so gorgeous, both bags are really beautiful, anthra is really an amazing color and the aqua is really pretty - welcome to the b-bag club!!!
  14. I am beyond thrilled for you, your choices are gorgeous! I am also in WA state, the east side, you know, the fashion desert?
  15. Are you? Wow... small world. :smile: I live on Mercer Island... the Bellevue side.

    We're not too bad out here... though that will all change when NM opens next year. LOL