I've been bad...

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  1. I'm on a ban but this is what I've purchased today. And requested a Mandara GM. I can't help myself!!!:yahoo: So here the new addition to my small family.:smile:

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  2. Soooooo beautiful!! Congrats!!
  3. What a way to break a ban LOL It is gorgeous - congrats.
  4. Congrats!! It's stunning.
  5. Edz been bad.....

    I put my baby bag (Saleya??? I'm considering Mandara) on hold till a few month before he/she pop out. Still thinking of Tobago Carryall, Onatah GM and a wallet.... hmmmm... I should snap out of it. OMG.... I went jewellery shopping yesterday and bought some saphires (earstud, ring, pendant)... and today.. a blue bag! GOD! Eeeks! Better stop. Luckily I don't have a credit card. When my saving runs out, I can't shop! hehehehe...
  6. Congrats! She is a beauty!:love:
  7. Gorgeous!!!
  8. Really nice...!!

    Congrats!! :nuts:

    Ps. You've been bad...(but, in a good way...) :rolleyes:
  9. Yeah you have been bad!

    But congrats! It's another nice purchase! I like the colour :smile:
  10. Ooohh... you've been naughty but nice bag!!! :graucho::nuts:
  11. love it
  12. What a beauty - congrats!
  13. Congrats Edz, it's a beautiful bag and myrtille colour is TDF! :love:
  14. Thanks, guys!

    Let the obssession and possession continue... Oooops. I'm on a ban!
  15. Very pretty! Congrats on your new bag!