I've been bad...

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  1. :graucho:

    I hadn't bought a new Bbag in awhile, but this year has been damaging to my bank account..5 new babies since January 1st! I sold my Electric Blue GGH Work that had THE most incredible leather and smell everrrr in November because I didn't use it as much as I should've, and since then I had been missing EB :shucks:...I LOVE blues, especially brights ones like EB. Soo I started off this year with an EB Courier! :nuts: It was my first courier and I was a bit hesitant about the massiveness, but it's quite slouchy and broken in so it looks a lot smaller. After I got my EB Courier and fell in love with the slouchy casualness of the bag, I decided I wanted another in a more neutral color...my lovely Praline Courier! The leather still needs to be broken in, but it is gorgeously wrinkly and distressed and textured! I love it! I can't wait to see her like my EB Courier. After selling my EB Work, not only did I miss the gorgeous color, but the Work size too! I absolutely love the size of a Work..it is a large bag (I'm about 5'4" + petite) but not overwhelming to me...I've been into the regular hardware bags lately so I started searching the Bay and Bonz for a pre-owned Work...and I found a gorgeoussss Sandstone baby! :yahoo: Yummy chevre leather, lovely neutral color. I LOVE! Can't wait to see her more broken in. Finally, my most recent purchase was a Black GGH Money wallet. I decided it was time for a new wallet, and at first I thought that a Bal bag and wallet was too matchy matchy, but all my bags are either GSH or RH so I figured I was good, but NOW I want a Black GGH Work! Ahhh it never ends, does it?! Now I have an 05 Black City on the way, and I cannot waiiiitttt to see her! All this hype about 05 leather, I gotta check it out ;)

    ...Now please welcome my new babes...sorry for the novel!! :blush: :flowers:

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  2. More photos...:biggrin:

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  3. Mmmmm....they're all so beautiful!!

    I'm a neutrals fan, so I especially love your Sandstone Work. Gorgeous!!

  4. Very pretty! Congrats!
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    SARA 505'S NEW PRALINE COURIER..................
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    SARA 505'S NEW SANDSTONE PART TIME................
  8. very pretty EB.. and i LOVE the ggh wallet.. theres something about gold that makes things look so elegant and regal to me..

    What is bay and bonz btw? i was thinking bay is ebay but im a little slow sometimes.. so i wasnt sure.
    Congrats on your purchases
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    SARA 505'S NEW BLACK MONEY WALLET..................
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    SARA 505'S FAMILY PORTRAIT..........................
  11. SARA 505........... Your collection is beautiful, and you bought them in record time. Keep up the good work, and I can't wait to see your new, Black GGH Work :love:
  12. Well, you are definitely on a roll and you made some great choices. All of them are beautiful. Congratulations.
  13. Gorgeous collection!! Thanks for sharing!!!
  14. WOW ... great collection! I especially love your Sandstone ... gorgeous!
  15. Your bags are gorgeous! Any modeling pictures?