I've been bad...need opinions.

  1. Sooooo...I'm supposed to be on a total ban of everything because I'm technically *cough* without employment and Mr. Bitty doesn't want me spending money.

    The sales the last couple of days have been great and I got a little carried away. One I got is the Hogan below (not on sale) and the other is the Kooba Lucy in silver that I got for about $375.

    I can't keep both the Kooba and the Hogan. They're both "trendy" colors that I really wanted, along with a patent item. I don't like silver shoes so I can't replace the Lucy with silver shoes. Or is silver too short-lived of a fad to worry about? Will I regret a silver bag? A green bag?

    What do you think? :sad:

    Hogan*-* Leather Hobo*-* Neiman Marcus
  2. Love the Hogan!! Poor Mr. Bitty!
  3. OMG, the Hogan is gorgeous and that color!!! I'm not too big on the silver fad.
  4. The Hogan is stunning!!! That's a keeper ;)
  5. The Hogan, for sure!
  6. The Hogan!!!!!!!!

    its Fabulous!!!!!!!! & such an amazing colour!!!!
  7. I'm not sure I really like either but definately keep the Hogan. The green is kinda odd looking but I think it is a better look than the kooba. :smile:
  8. I like both... sorry, no help.
  9. Another vote for the Hogan!
  10. The Hogan is gorgeous, definitely a keeper! I think it would last you longer than the silver, which is just a current trend, but green you can pretty wear forever imo.
  11. Oh my... i like both the bags and color.

    I wear a lot of light colors and the lucy silver would look great with my daily outfits...
  12. Thanks, ladies! Sounds like the Hogan is the winner!
  13. Love the Hogan:drool: The color is Gorgeous. Keep that one:yes:
  14. I agree...love the color of the Hogan!
  15. I posted that Hogan on the green bags strand-I LOVE it! You are one lucky girl!:yes: