I've been a good girl

  1. I was somewhat determined to get a jumbo flap this weekend. But after parading through Chanel on 57th, Saks, and BG, my interest became less and less.

    I was oohing and aahing at pinkish purple python clutch/purse at BG or Bubble Quilts at Saks... I even almost got the cool metallic navy phone bag another tPFer got few days ago. (They had this and 224 at 57th) But more and more I looked at classic flaps, I couldn't see myself with any of them, in any size.

    Then I realized why I still don't own any of those classic bags, including everyone's favorite, GST. I never cared for them!:sad: I was just going through a sudden urge for ownership just because of all the talk of possible price increase.:push:

    So I left Saks (my last stop of the shopping day) with lil "lowly" costed items purchased with a gift card earned from their last EGC. I came home sans a classic and I didn't feel awful about it all. And when I got home, I thought more about my "good behavior" and also tossed the idea of getting a metallic purple reissue as well. Although I still think it's pretty, I realized I was lusting after it mainly because everyone else wanted one.

    Ladies, could it be possible I am finally kicking off my recent obsesson/addiction? Oh well, I still want the green reissue Viki got so maybe not all cured? (Her bag might be responsible for my disinterest in purple:sweatdrop:) Oh well, at least my bank account should be a little happier with me not getting a jumbo flap and purple reissue.:upsidedown:
  2. I just think you're overwhelmed with all the gorgeous choices out there ... I find myself doing that when I can't decide what I want. Don't worry, one day you'll walk in and see one that you'll have to have and buy it on the spot;)
  3. omg! what u are saying is exactly what I was thinking- I dont care for the GST but am thinking of just getting one because that is what alot of people are getting- now with all this talk of reissue's- which I really NEVER cared for I am now lusting after one! I really dont need it- but i am gonna get one. i think i am trying to keep up with the Jones/ the gals here at tpf- i don't wanna be left out
  4. asl_bebes, I was truly :drool: over that purple python bag at BG. BUT the tag said something like $3500. Then I also saw a black flap with all these charms on the front as in one Mischa Barton was seen with at Saks. I went gaga with it again... But you know how those are above $5000!!:wtf: There are just too many things I "really" want but sadly, not in my price range. Perhaps that's why I was even more determined to get a classic, as I probably can't afford one if this price increase rumor turns out to be true.
  5. Great Job Nanami~!! Knowing what works for you & what doesn't aside from gawking at everyone else's beautiful purchases is a great eye opener~!! I've finally learned that too... 10 mths later on tpf, some ebaying, and some $$ missing form my savings.. :p
    You'll have even more saved up for that 1 bag.. that makes your :heart: skip a beat.. :tender:
    Great jOb~! :tup:
  6. Cammy1, I'm glad to see there's another person who doesn't care for a GST here. Lol~ Maybe it's because I've always liked smaller bags (I never carry much) but I never gave a second look at a GST... Until these last two weeks or so. I totally understand you! When I was at Saks for their last EGC, I seriously thought of getting a black GST, just because of the price increase talk and that issue about new leather.

    But I think it's just wrong to get something because you feel pressured to. On one trip to my many trips to Paris, I couldn't find anything I liked from LV. Rather than walking out with no purchase, I ended up coming home with a huge multicolore tote that's about the size of a GST. I just felt such strong need to buy something, and thought why not get a multicolore, as it's way more expensive in the States. To this day, it's just sitting in bottom of my closet for two years.:sweatdrop:

    When I almost got a GST as said above, I thought about that sad LV bag in my closet and told myself no. If you don't care for the particular style, you won't use it much (or at all) and it's going to be a waste of money, no matter how much you "save."

    You and I should stick together and be strong enough to say NO to GST! Lol~ If it was such a great bag for us as our friends claim it to be, we would have gotten it already way long long time ago.:p
  7. Good for you NanamiRyu. With the amount of money for a Chanel, you should only get it if you love it, not because others have it.
  8. ^ITA with everyone! it's great that your love for chanel isn't a complete blind obsession that equates to getting every new "it" bag that is launched each season and that you know exactly what you love. (and by the way i think you have such exquisite taste - for both the python and the mischa charms bag!)

    and count me in as someone who is indifferent about the GSTs! I'll never say never but for the moment and forseeable future, I just can't find that love for the GST (or medallion totes for that matter).

    in keeping with the spirit of enabling on this board though, i'd have to say the metallic green reissue viki has is subtley divine and well worth getting! :yes:
  9. ^ITA. It's so easy to become blinded by other people's obsessions. So, good for you! I also think it really helps to see purses IRL to help figure out if you *really* love it, or if you just love it in pictures. There's no point in spending just for the sake of not leaving empty-handed. Save up for whatever you really want and it'll be worth so much more to you!
  10. I applaud you. It is too easy to get caught up in this frenzy of buying one just because everyone wants one. case in point, I think my bag collection is complete - a classic flap to wear with every outfit or color scheme but I found myself wondering if I should get a bright red classic flap when truthfully I don't much care for bright red anything. But since it is such a coveted color I considered getting one. I decided to hold off on doing so and see if I really would wear a bright red classic flap.
  11. u made the right decision to pass on those bags. you won't miss them. at these prices i'd want to be deliriously happy with the bags i buy, even well after the high of a new purchase has passed. i'm sure you'll find something else down the road that you'll instantly know is the right purchase for you!
  12. That's a great move! In fact, i wasn't impressed with all the new collection esp abt the reissues. Not only you. Well, i did get a few chanel classic bags such as GST and even cabas since i love big bags...well, i do have a few other classic flap bags too which i need them for other occasions so it's kinda of balance up.

    At least from now, u know u are not eyein anything but who knows if u happen to come across one for the next season, u know u are ready to spend on her.
  13. All I can say is...well done!!! I find myself guilty of getting caught up in a "I need to get a GST because everyone says it's a classic" or any other popular bag for that matter.....but in the end, I know I won't be 100% happy with it because despite trying it on many times, I still haven't handed over my CC.
    Keep the bank account healthy and one day you'll get a bag you really love. Stay strong girl!!!
  14. Count me into the group! I don't like the GST yet I bought one! Well, I don't dislike it, it's just not my style, yet it's a classic...so maybe I should keep it....it's still on my closet shelf with the tags on it! I just bought the new LAX tote in blue (separate thread on that) and I thought it would be the "bomb". It's nice but I'm not thrilled with that either! Now I think I need a reissue?! I think tpf keeps us all looking and seeking and wanting the next thing....not that there is anything "wrong" with that!!!!
  15. Congrats! I admire your honesty and "being true to yourself ' spirit! I don't see any reason to buy a GST (or any bag, really) if you don't LOVE it.

    When I first got into Chanel (slightly over a year ago) I impulsively bought bags ... only I never liked the Cabas or medallion. Thankfully I never bought either. Now I know what I do like -- big, lambskin, preferably vintage. I can admire all the gorgeous bags on the forum without feeling a need to get one.

    Good for you! Isn't it a great feeling?