I've been a busy girl!

  1. I got some wonderful beads for my winter collection of jewelry, and have been making stuff like mad! Here are a few of my favorites. They should be up on my website in a week (+/- For the new year).

    DragonflyNecklace1ScaledWinter2007.jpg DragonflyNecklaceDetailScaled1Winter2007.jpg TurquoiseDropEarringsScaledWinter2007.jpg OverTheMoon1ScaledWinter2007.jpg
  2. loving the necklace!
  3. I love your pieces, especially the bracelet!:love:
  4. Me too! I liked it so much I made one for myself, and I still have enough of these beads to make several more. The turquoise I used for the pendant has a nice weight to it, too!
  5. These coiled bangles are so fun! I especailly love the ones with the lampwork beads by Alaskan artist, Donna Millard. The rest of my bangles this season will feature her beads. Here is one with beads from her Seafoam collection. I like to wear mine with the turquoise drop earrings. (the joy/danger of making jewelry is making so much of it for myself:shame: )
    Seafoam3WinterScaled2007.jpg TurquoiseDropEarringsScaledWinter2007.jpg
  6. Very pretty! Great job!!! =D