I've been a bad girl today

  1. i went to LV today to check on my status for the onatah leather and i'm the first one on the list:yahoo: so hopefully will get mine around next week.
    but being me, i couldn't just walk away with nothing, so i've got something to walk away with me :graucho:. but i couldn't post pics yet because i had to hide it from my bf. he'll be sleeping in about 1 hour and meanwhile you all can have a guess of my new baby :wlae:.
    And i actually saw about 3 white MC priscilla while walking in the city today:nuts: :nuts:.
  2. Oooooh, #1 for the purple onatah bag? Congrats ;)

    Please post pics of your new friend once your bf goes to bed :graucho:
  3. Congrats on your Onatah!!!!!!

    Ok, I'm guessing Mini Lin Speedy!!!

  4. Did you get a bag or accessory? Hint please :P
  5. it's not speedy and it's a bag. i'm not too keen on the accessories :jammin:
  6. handheld or for the shoulder? (I'm just too curious...)
  7. it's kinda both. i can use it as a handheld and i think i can use it as a shoulder bag if i can just slim down a few kilos :P
  8. :angel: a pochette type of thingy ....?
  9. :Push: oh.. im so curious!!

    post a pic please.. hasnt ur bf slept yet? :P
  10. he's still doing his "thing". :hysteric: go to sleep already, honey.
  11. ooohhh.... im very intrigued. could it be a Lockit?

    here's an idea.... there's at least 3 of us living in the same city... how about a mini Melbourne tPF meet? :graucho: i promise i'll leave my chainsaw at home ;)
  12. by the way, does Collins St have the Mini Lin bags already? im kinda wanting the Saumur XL :shame:
  13. duckie,
    where were you today? i was in the city looking for someone with charlie brown but didn't see anyone. but i saw 3 white priscilla though. it's unreal, 3 priscilla in a day.
    yes, the collins st. has already got the mini lin. i saw the speedy today. it's nice but the size looked ridiculous on me. so i got something smaller :graucho: and it's not lockit. i'm not into lockit.
    btw, yoshiko is away for a week and she'll be back next saturday :yes:.
    ok guys, the bf is feeling very sleepy and should sleep soon. time to take pics of my new baby soon :wlae:. hang in there.
  14. i didn't take Charlie out today. had my denim YSL duffle instead. i think i've seen 3 white MC pricillas this past week too. maybe they're the same 3 people. not the biggest fan of Multicolours though :sad: did you notice if they have the Saumur XL too? i really like the pebbled leather trims on these bags. i'll miss Yoshiko, even just for a week. but Miguel will be there won't he? have you heard that Thierry is transfering to Sydney?

    come on... which bag is it already?
  15. i have a feeling it's a Papillon.... do we even win a prize for guessing correctly?
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