I've been a BAD girl... pictures to prove it!

  1. After joining TPF only a few short months ago my LOVE of Chanel began
  2. So bad girl - what is your total of bags so far...whatever it is - it WILL multiply fast! Jan - Aug...10 bags. It really is addicting!!:p
  3. Show us the pics, bad girl!! :woohoo:
  4. YEAAH, please share! fess up, how many? I'll tell you mine if you tell me yours?

    Since last September 1st, it started with the chocolate cerf tote, and I am up to 13 bags 11 months later......pretty BAAAD huh? but ooh, I love em all!
  5. Since I started this relationship "late in life".... I felt the need to catch up on all that I'd been missing!!:shame:
  6. So I had a rather "fast and furious" fling at the beginning!!:blush:
  7. Ok, we are waiting - drum roll please.......................
  8. :popcorn:
  9. the anticipation is excruciating!!!!:sweatdrop:
  10. Now I've settled into the relationship and will continue to be happy with the way things are.....

    Until the Spring bags are released...:tender:

    besides my cc needs some time to cool off!
  11. Puuuuuullllllllllllllllllllllllllleeeeeeeeeaaaaaaaaaaaaaasssssseeeeeee, PICS!!!!!!!!!!!
  12. Here's how it all started.....

    My FIRST Chanel bag was the classic and now discontnued Cotton Club tote!! Practical and Casual for everyday use! IMG_0111.jpg



    She very quickly got lonely... So...

    Distressed Caviar Jumbo with MM lock and burnished chain (aka Courtney Cox bag) came to join her. She was more of a dark steel grey and kinda edgy ... loved to go out with jeans!!
  13. LOL !!:roflmfao:

  14. :wtf: Look I see bags. Hey, share that food!!! More pictures !!!!
  15. They were kinda fussy about what was inside... so they rallied to add a silver Chanel wallet to the family! Much classier than the previous "no namer".... And she also likes to "go it alone" as a clutch!... thinks she's pretty classy!!




    With summer here however, a lighter color was in order...
    So, along came - White Caviar Jumbo with New Chain.
    She was out and about today... thus the modeling pic.!