I've been a BAD, BAD Girl - 2 B-Bags in 1 Week!

  1. Wow ... Zacorey; we literally missed each other by 1/2 hour!!!

    I was at Barney's/Copley on Saturday ... know what you mean about the S/A's (think they're on commission ;) ?!). I was originally scoping out the jewelry (my favorite thing in the world), but also wanted to see if they had any of the Courier bags (since I had seen them previously at Chestnut Hill). 'Lo and behold they did:

    --> Pale Rose
    --> Camel (Cognac)
    --> White
    --> Black
    --> Ink (which I ended up purchasing)

    When I saw the Courier previously at Chestnut Hill, they had the Rouille(Orange) and the Blue Toile/Black Leather (yuck - reminded me of my mother's China pattern!). While I originally had thought that I would want the Orange or Emerald, the leather on the Orange was terrible ... absolutely HORRIBLE!

    So, when I went back to Chestnut Hill on Sunday and looked at the Cornflower Blue, I decided that it was much prettier than the Ink (which always reminded me of a big Black & Blue!).

    I think the Courier would be absolutely FAB in the Fall/Winter Rouge VIR ... WOW :nuts: !
  2. It's not bad if you spend the money how u want it to :smile:
  3. i've been a Bad Boy...I bought an amazing Balenciaga Courier Bag in
    INK. Love the color and the style. Im glad to see it before purchasing the weekender one. Its the best balenciaga so far, very minimalist!
  4. Has anyone seen the Courier in emerald? If so, opinions?
  5. The color is beautiful ... but, for some strange reason, I just don't like it in the City size (I had originally wanted the Weekender or Work). Of course, now that I've seen (and purchased) the Courier style, I REALLY like it the best.

    I'm going to call Bob Ellis tomorrow ... if they give me a hard time, it might be up for grabs here ...
  6. CeeJay!
    Im so with you on this one. Besides my Apple City, my Indigo twiggy just arrived too. That make 2 bbags for me this week too. Yikes!!!
  7. When I originally contacted Barney's about the Emerald Color, I told them that I really preferred the Weekender or Work (the City was my last choice because I have so many City bags). However, it just seemed like the stinkin' bag was never coming in!!

    Being the incredibly impatient person that I am (yes - shame on me), when I saw the Emerald City on the Bob Ellis website, I jumped on it.

    However, since I got the Courier (originally in the Ink color - then traded that in for the Cornflower Blue) - I just LOVE :love: , LOVE :love: , LOVE :love: this style!!!! It is absolutely PERFECT for me!!!

    When I talked to Balenciaga-NYC, I inquired about whether or not they had the Courier in Emerald ... and alas, they did not. They did say it was going to come in that color, but they had not received it yet (ETA = a few weeks). So, I'm "on the list ...". Obviously, I will either sell or return the Emerald City because I don't want two bags in the same color (although it will TOTALLY confuse my husband ... he was totally confused when he dropped me off at the mall and I had the Ink bag and then walk out with a different color bag - I just told him it was the sunlight - hee hee :nuts: !).

    For the Fall, I am probably going to spring for the Courier in the Rouge Vir (then I will put the Rouge City up for sale!).

  8. ceejay, "sunlight" hahah!
  9. can you post pics of the new courier bag?
  10. I'm going to try to get pictures together this weekend (come to find out, my husband had in fact used my Digital Camera and then didn't recharge the battery!). Pheew ...
  11. I must warn everyone ... the Cornflower Blue Courier is 100% TOTALLY WICKED COOL!!!!! Mind you, my Pink Metallic got a lot of oohhhss and aaahhhs, but this one has literally stopped people in their tracks! I LOVE it; I'm SO happy that I got it!!!
  12. oooooooooohhhhh CeeJay!!! You're making me weak... I've been battling between inka nd cornflower for ever! Even now that I got ink when I see pics of cornflower I still stop and daydream... I can't wait to see your pics!!!
  13. CeeJay- wicked cool!!! LOL- a Mass. phrase! LOL- Are yo using the Courier now? Do you switch off a lot?

    Anyway, I love:love: the Courier in the cornflower- it is spectacular!!!! I am dying to see the Emerald green IRL!!!! I know the cornflower color in the courier is probably way more beautiful then the emerald will be but I think the emerald would go better with more of my clothes- so I just don't know what to do!!!!!! The decision is killing me!!!
  14. Hatikuh- Your Ink Bbag is gorgeous! You're keeping your bag aren't you?
  15. Have any pics been posted yet of the courier on? I have been on a bit of a Chloe kick, but find myself returning back to my Balenciaga roots. I wasn't too sure about the courier I saw at NM SD, but think I should probably reserve judgment based on feedback here...