I've become obsessed with the Tobago Keepall 50

  1. I don't blame you, it's gorgeous piece!
  2. It's It's understated and elegant. Christmas maybe? UGH! I want this!!!!
  3. I feel ya- I sooo want this! I'm so obsessed I bought the men's S/S 2006 catalogue for Karen Kooper! :lol: But the one I really want from that collection is the Ouvea Keepall :love: :love:
    Tobago Keepall 50- Runway.jpg Tobago Collection.JPG Ouvea Keepall- Runway.jpg
  4. love it...gorgeous piece a must have!!!
  5. Forget the bags... I want the models!!! :lol:

  6. LOL... good stuff!:graucho:
  7. I agree.. :graucho:
  8. ^^hehe. I do love the tobago keepall 50, it's gorgeous!
  9. I love the tobago range and the black keepall is just stunning:heart:

  10. i just laughed out loud! you have good taste in bags & men! :smile:
  11. I would like to add him to the list... :graucho:
    red shirt.jpg
  12. I'm so feeling you on this, I would take first the models :nuts:
  13. Why can't you girls understand this is a mens collection! :cursing:lol Lv has such a better and bigger range of products for women, you guys are sooo lucky! leave somethign for us guys!:yahoo::flowers:
  14. Break me off a piece of THAT kit kat bar :nuts:
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