I've become accessory obsessed!!

  1. I love the little Balenciaga pieces and I want more more more! I know that a lot of people overlook their smaller items, but I think they're fabulous. I'm looking to add some more brighter colors so if you see any of the 2005 colors in the stores still pleaseeee let me know :love:

    Here's what I've collected over the past couple of weeks :love:

    04 grey clutch
    04 turquoise mini coin purse
    05 clutch, coin purse, and boobie!
    Img_7025.jpg Img_7026.jpg
  2. They really look nice. I'm personally still swaying between a Bal and an LV wallet/compagnon.
  3. I love it all..where did you find everything?
  4. yay jdy we are turquoise mini coin purse buddies!!!! it's such a lovely color, i wish i could have gotten hold of a bag in turquoise...:love:
  5. Oooh so cute ! I love the boobie !
  6. i like the small items, but they're quite expensive. so i'd rather save the money to buy the b-bags :P
  7. I know! I have a Rouge clutch, Cornflower clutch and Rose Pink Coin Purse. LOVE them! Want a Blueberry clutch now...gimme...gimme...gimme...
  8. I love the accessories too! I have 2 clutches that I adore! Oh- you're all making me want to buy more! They are sooo cute!:tender: They are like mini Bbags!
  9. I'm with seahorse on the $$$ factor... but I do love the clutches!
    jdy, where on earth did you find the grey clutch? it's in amazing condition!
  10. Ohh jdy... you've such an enviable collection with the lovely accessorys :yahoo: - ohhhh I'm jealous :shame: !!! As you already know I'm 'obsessed' too of this little sweet accessorys, I've in my collection:

    - '06 black shoulder
    - '05 teal shoebag
    - '06 cornflower coin purse
    - '05 sky blue mini coin purse

    but I'm also looking for more - more - more - especially the 'discontinued' mini coin purses in each color ;) :yes: !! If I'll find some - I'll let you know :love:
  11. firstclass1 I LOVE that shoe bag! is that still available? what do you use it for (please dont say shoes!). I have my eye on a shoulder now...very cute for weekends when I dont want to carry a big bag.
  12. Your accessories are too cute! LOVE the turq04 mini coin purse :smile:
  13. I want a boobie!!

  14. Lovely! They are sooo cute! I'm dying for a clutch!
  15. Thank you everyone for the sweet comments! I was able to find these here and there and some from eBay. For those who commented saying that they prefer to put the money towards larger bags...my theory is that the beauty of these accessories is that I get to carry all of them at once! I love admiring them in my bag every day. I've got my coin purses, boobie, and a clutch in my purse at all times. :love:

    firstclass- I always love see pictures of your collection! I know you're totally with me when it comes to these little accessories. I've been hunting and searching for you too- don't worry I will let you know if I find something!:supacool: