I've asked this before but does anyone have an update? Moisturizing darwin bayswater.

  1. So I live in an EXTREMELY dry climate. Ie. you leave a piece of meat on the counter and you've got jerky by the next morning. I got my bayswater from diabro and it came already sort of dry...my location hasn't helped the situation.

    I called mulberry and was told that there is nothing they recommend for moisturizing the darwin leather. They said it shouldn't need it and just to 'waterstop' it. But it's SO DRY. My bag is black and their concern is discolouration if I were to, say, use the moisturizer that came with my glove phoebe. So....has anyone here had any success moisturizing their darwin bags? If so, what did you use? Any tips? Thanks so much!!
  2. If its black,there is no worry about discoloration,I'd slap a load of the moisturiser on it.Sarajane puts it on her darwin bags,including a sage phoebe,and says that its ok!! I tried putting it on my oak Elgin,to see what happened,but I had already colliniled it to death so there was no change in color.
    Wait and see what Sarajane reccomends coz I'm certain she has a black Helier that she puts moituriser/nourisher on,would'nt like to give you false info!!
  3. yaaay!! I was thinking that it being black it's unlikely to discolour but wanted a little 'push'. I will await Sarajane's input as well! Hopefully tonight I can moisturize without worrying too much! thanks so much for your reply!
  4. No worries,I'm sure she said she puts it on hers,hang on and I'll see if I can find her post and try and drop it on here for you!:tup:
  5. Hi Daisy. Listen, just get hold of some NEUTRAL leather cream - not polish! Most bag manufacturers make it or any good handbag dept in a store should sell one.
    You need to gently rub it on in circular motion with a soft cloth, leave it for a few mins and then buff it up gently. If your bag has got really dry then give it a few goes to start with over a couple of weeks, then just do it every now and again.
  6. Ok,bumped the thread and found Sarajanes posts too,hope this helps your dilemma!!
  7. Aah,good she's dropped in!!
  8. you guys are awesome. I have the colourless nourisher stuff and I am going to follow your directions, sarajane. *excited* thanks so much to you both!!!!