I've always wondered...

  1. I just watched a clip of Tyra Banks' show and a few articles in Harpers Bazaar regarding fakes. I read about fakes being confiscated during customs etc. But I've always wondered... how do officer's know what is fake? I know the really OBVIOUS fakes but still.. Is it ever possible for them to make a mistake and confiscate your bag even if it's real? I'm worried if I ever went on holiday this would happen and I would not be carrying a reciept as proof...

    Do you think this could occur?

    I didn't think this suited Shopping or the Reference section.

  2. ^ Yes! I heard someone at the airport had to hand in her LV-bag because they thought it was fake. People say it's stupid to carry around a receipt to show people it's real, but for stuff like that... When I'm going to travel on a plane I'll be sure to put copies of the receipts in my wallet!
  3. ^ Wah! I may aswell leave it at home! I wouldn't want to put my LV in my luggage either. Gosh.... I'm glad I'm not going on holiday for now ! :p
  4. I've heard of this happening on international flights, especially when entering the US, but I think domestic US flights are ok. Also, have heard that when you leave HK on an international flight, is when it happens the most often.
  5. I think you'd be fine on domestic flights!
  6. Well I'm in the UK. What about flying in europe?
  7. Wow .. good question. Of course I'm not likely to leave the US anytime soon so not worried but definitely something to consider if traveling.
  8. I always travel a lot and never worry about carrying my LV's. I know some places actually train the people to spot a fake.
  9. ^ That's good to hear! :yes:
  10. Ya i dont worry when i travel.
  11. Well, I can tell you here in Germany, the customs office is required to hold all packages containing LV items, and turn them over to LV for authentication. If a item is not authentic, it gets destroyed immediately.

    And yes, mistakes can happen. My wish bracelet was determined to be a fake by someone @ LV. I insisted it was real, and it was sent to Paris for a 2nd authentication. Thank goodness it came back as authentic.

    As far as carrying LV while you travel, I've heard at the Paris airport they will inspect your bags.
  12. IN the LV boutique in NL I was told that they might even call back to the LV store to see if YOU had been shopping there and wht you had bought. This was when claiming taxes back though.
  13. People make fake receipts too. I am sure that they have them authenticated.
  14. Yes, there was a PF member just last month where customs took their LV wish bracelet and she filed an appeal which then led the bracelet to LV's home office for review and it was returned to her and advised it was real, so yes mistakes are made!
  15. Oh wow, that's insane. I'm planning to head to Hong Kong to buy a few REAL bags but now I'm a bit worried about customs... DAMNIT! I was thinking to save on LV items from hong kong too!! ughhh