I've always wondered this...?

  1. How can some sellers sell thousands of designer items for like 1/3 or 1/4 of what they are actually worth and sell designer clothes from spring lines from this year or current lines out now? How can they afford to do that? Is it safe to automatically assume that all their stuff is fake? I guess the thing I'm wondering is how do they get all those clothes and are able to sell them at such low prices? I have an example but I don't know if I can post the seller's eBay name on here. Is that allowed?
  2. I think You can post the link to an auction.

    But most of the time if the items are new and way below retail is a sign of fake.
  3. This is the link to the shirt I want to get because I was actually going to stop by Saks or Neimans this week to get it and I just happened to find it on e-bay in my size.


    Its just soo weird to me how he can get all of these desinger clothes and sell them for the prices that he does?? (look at his items for sale and stuff he has already sold) Weird?

    I'm just so curious as to how he can sell these items at these prices??
  4. Maybe he is someone that knows someone that work with someone?? lol. Like the Devil wears Prada when you get all these free things to someone and they decide to sell them, who knows. I've wondered too, many times.
  5. It's possible that he is a buyer for Sak's or Neiman's or some other department store. People who are in the industry can get stuff for way below retail.
  6. Maybe she got them at a sale or works there. BTW the auctions are far from ending so I'm surethey won't sell for those prices
  7. I agree with the others regarding how the seller could have gotten them below retail. I can't think of any other way since this is from current season, but who knows? To me, the seller doesn't raise red flags regarding authenticity, but you can verify authenticity of the shirt by going to Authenticate This Apparel

    I also agree with the statement that since this ends in four days, it will probably sell for close to retail. It won't sell at $37... A lot of seasoned ebayers "snipe" the auction. Meaning, they wait till the very end of the auction (say, 50 seconds to 1 minute) and start bidding like crazy. There are sniping softwares too. I can't get anything off eBay unless I "snipe," either manually or automatically, unless I am VERY lucky.

    Good luck!
  8. I think if it was a BIN at that price I would be suspicous, but theres still plenty of time left in the auction.
  9. Actually i know a few stores that get designer jeans for a very low price because they are either defective or something is wrong with them; i.e. missing a button, the zipper doesnt fuction or the cut is just messed up. They are authentic but when u try it on they somehow just dont fit right. I always like to check their previous listings and see what prices thier items have ended.
    But i agree..3 more days is a long way to go. Most of the time when i sell jeans, people dont bid on them until the last day and go crazy at the last hour.