I've always loved the LV Butterfly items

  1. There's a little change purse on let trade, it's cheap but it looks faily worn on the back around the edges, I know I can ask them for more pictures but before I even attempt I want to see if anyone see's the same wear I do....it's like the lighter color has worn off and only the darker shade of the mono mini fabric is visible, it's on the picture of the back of the coin purse.

    :rolleyes: Alright, since I can't figure out how to post the picture, if anyone is looking @ let trade and would take a peek for me I would appreciate!
  2. It's cute piece..

    It seems there are some rubbed off around the edges photo #7 & 8

    some kind of color transfer (may be just my eyes)..on top edge of light green vernis:


    worn out at the end of the zipper (may be, not so sure)

  3. Oh, thank you for doing that! Yeah, that's exactly what I was seeing, it's soooo cute, but it's just not worth it to me to buy it if it's soooooo used no matter what the price, oh well... I wish I just bought some of it when I saw it in the stores, it's sad, I remember seeing some Butterfly items in the window of LV in Waikiki years ago and thought it would be way out of my price range.......but now I'm probably paying more for regular mono canvas than anything Butterfly was back then.......gosh, I don't even remember what they called this line.....
  4. Orange and green are my fav. colors too...
  5. Lola..why don't you contact them ask to send you the pics so you can zoom. May be it's the flash.., LT will tell you the flaws..

    I am not sure but I thought it's part of conte de fees line..

    It's hard to find especially you love the color combo..