I've a question about the cherry speedy??

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  1. Hello everyone !!:nuts: Is there a speedy30 for the cherry? and also the Dimier Monograme for the Deauville?? anybody know anything??:biggrin: thanks:biggrin: :biggrin:
  2. sorry you guys, I also have few more questions... How much for the speedy30 cherry(If there is) and I think that they stop making it?I'm not sure cause I call to the botique and the lady told me that they dont have any left for the cherry but I didn't ask if I can order it..so anybody know anythings?? thanks

    ps. sorry,my english is poor..
  3. the only speedy they had with the cherries on it was the 25.....the next size up in that shape was the keepall......the speedy 25 retailed for $995.......they also made the cherry print in a few change purses, a zip around wallet, a bucket bag, the sac plat, pochette......can't think of anything else right now
  4. Oh:sad2: , thanks!! but still I'm so in love with the cherry:love: bur 25 is way too small for me......
  5. They did make a 30. But the cherry design was discontinued before christmas, making way for the new perfo design.
  6. No, the cerises Speedy was available only in the 25 size. See jc2239's post :biggrin:
  7. I actually know for a fact that they never made a 30 because when my sis was looking for one...she saw some 30's on e-bay and we immediately called LV and they informed us that they never made a cerises 30....luckily we called and verified:amuse:
  8. anyway thankyou all of you.. I'm thinking about multicolor insted...so I'll work hard this month and see you LV multicolor next month!! :}