Ivanka's Hermes bag on The Apprentice

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  1. I think she is really pretty. There is something dif. about her. She is NO classic beauty, but really nice looking girl.
  2. I agree with you..she has an interesting face. She is suppose to be a sweetie, too...very unspoiled. I think her dad is very creepy, though
  3. You can't really see the bag, only a little. But look how pretty she is and how good she looks. Do you think that suit is Chanel?

  4. Looks-wise, I think she resembles her mother more.
  5. I think she is so different from her dad.
  6. I can ID the bag! It's an Hermes 35 Cm Barenia/Toile combination rigide Kelly! Love it but too big of a Kelly for me.
  7. I saw a repeat of that show last night - and what I'd like to know is who made that gorgeous suit she is wearing?????????
  8. I think a lot of times whether or not she looks pretty depends on the angle of the picture. She has sort of an dd face shape, her cheeks seem a bit too chipmunk-y considering how thin she is.
  9. The suit is nanette lepore...
  10. Did anyone see Ivanka and Donald on the View? He actually said that if Ivanka wasn't his daughter he'd be dating her by now. :sick: That's just weird and creepy!.....
  11. Ick:sick: :cry:

    He couldn't possibly date her because she hasn't had enough plastic surgery and her chest isn't large enough:P

    edited to add: I think she looks very pretty and appropriate for her real estate job. She is very smart and will probably run the company someday!

    Think the bag would be better in smaller size, but love the style and combo.
  12. Ew!! That's disgusting. Ugh. I would throw up if my dad said that. It's great to take pride in your children, but that's getting a bit personal...
  13. Yup ... I'd puke if my dad said that. I saw a clip of it on Talk Soup and it was just too weird.
  14. LOL I saw a replay of that on vh1's Best Week Ever. He's insane.
    Thankfully Ivanka got her mother's features moreso than her fathers. :amuse:
  15. Thanks so much !! I guess I'll die when I check out prices, but it is stunning! .