Ivanka's Hermes bag on The Apprentice

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  1. Did anyone see it? Nice.:love:
  2. Nooooo, pics!!!!
  3. I've been searching all over and can't find any pictures of it. Does anyone know if there will be an encore presentation of the show? I know they did that every Friday on CNBC during last season, but I can't find it this time.
  4. I would love to see some pics also.
  5. Yes, I saw it. Very nice! My Tivo says says it's showing on CNBC this Wednesday (3/8) and again on Sunday (3/12) for anyone who missed it.
  6. ^^^Thank you!!!
  7. I saw that! It was pretty, white linen or canvas perhaps with the brown leather trim, very nice! Ivanka looks kind of funny to me though, don't know what it is.
  8. I thought the same think last night!! She is really young...only 24 or 25 and she just had a older appearance to me. Her body looked matronely or maybe it was the clothes. I dont know...she is supposed to be very intelligent. I know she did alot of runway but she didnt look very runway to me last night.

  9. She had on FRUMPY old lady clothes--I looked at my hubby and said-NICE BAG-but eek...you think she would have a stylist on that show...she looked sooo heavy in that tweedish suit!
  10. I wasn't crazy about what she was wearing, either. She looks very different now. Her hair is much shorter. Maybe she looks this way in order to be taken more seriously. I mean as frumpy as she looked, did you see a couple of guys almost salivating when Donald introduced her? Just imagine how they would have reacted if she had looked more "runway." :lol:
  11. Everyone makes such a fuss over how "beautiful" she is - I think they mean "rich"!
  12. IMO, Ivanka Trump and Paris Hilton both have heads that looks too small for their bodies. (And Ivanka has a really short-looking chin.) Whenever I see them, I always think that their heads look photoshopped. At least we do have indication that there is a brain in Ivanka's very small-looking head. :lol:

    I hope nobody was offended by what I've said; I really admire Ivanka Trump. I just never considered her model material.
  13. Good point! IMHO she's not beautiful. Donald's wife however is drop dead gorgeous! I love the Apprentice, it's so contrived, but I love it!
  14. They were probably salivating because all the money she is worth. I am sure they would love to marry her money - oops, I mean her (LOL).
  15. Ive seen her runway pics and she IS very photogenic. She takes really pretty photos.