Ivanka Trump Jewelry Line

  1. I hadn't heard that she had a jewelry line until this thread. I looked at the website and I'd say it's okay. Nothing I'd buy.
  2. Nothing is new. they look like cheap glass!
  3. I have to say that nothing looked all that "new" in terms of design, but more than that, I would not want to buy something that was branded Ivanka Trump! Imagine someone commenting on a large diamond ring and asking where you got it - - how would it feel to say "Ivanka Trump". Oh my... perhaps that makes me sound shallow, but I couldn't do it. If I were going to spend that kind of money, I would go somewhere like Cartier or Harry Winston.

    But, it must be nice to be able to slap your name on something just like that and pronto, have it in all the magazines with the royalty checks pouring in... ;)
  4. not really a fan of hers, wouldn't buy the jewelry
  5. I'm in the minority since I realy like a few of these pieces. I like the bridal pieces, esp. the eternity rings. Of course it's nothing new, but still it's nice.
    I've never heard about it, but it's not that bad.
  6. I'll join you then!! I think some of the peices are quite beautiful and look fabulously crafted,the finish looks exquisite.I too liked the bridal bar rings,nothing new but very nice all the same,and I thought some of the Art Deco peices were well executed and would be nice if they brought back a bit of a revival for it. I was impressed with the use of diamond briolettes,quite a nice touch. But as another poster said,I think I would prefer the Harry Winston experience,all that romance,glamour and legacy attached to that brand would make me want to go there first!!!
  7. Well said Chaz! Looks like neither of us would knock any of it back LOL!
  8. Hello gorgeous!!!!:tup:

    Nope!! I definately would'nt,if its good looking jewellery I don't really care where it comes from,after all people don't go round pointing at their jewellery saying 'Ivanka Trump,Ivanka Trump' to all and sundry,nice peices speak for themselves so I defo would'nt say no if I was offered one!!!
  9. I like the bridal pieces, but didn't like anything else. The first ring w/ the oval step diamond caught my eye. However, I am sure her prices are insane. Plus, I'm not getting married anytime soon and if I do, the ring budget would be no where near the prices I am assuming she has.
  10. LOL, any site with no prices is a worry hey??? Im sure the prices are pretty high.

    Mind you, her famous Mum would probably think they are all way too cheap for her own tastes. I have read some of the things she has said, and I think even millionaires are considered poor to her!!! Well, I guess its all relative.

    And Chaz, Im going to go to bed now dreaming of being offered something all blingy.....maybe it will help the cause and effect action to start!!!!!

    Good night to all my fellow bling lovers!;)
  11. Night sweetie,catch you soon and dream big diamonds!!!!:heart:
  12. I wouldn't say no to some of the pieces. I'd like to know the prices though. Did any of you notice that some of the pictures in the bridal collection were blurry, in a strange way...?
  13. I admit, you, and other ladies, make good points. Of course, I wouldn't complain if I received any of those pieces as a gift... :p After all, that emerald cut diamond ring and many of the tassle pieces are to die for! Also, the black onyx and diamond earrings are lovely! But I still stand by the fact that you can find these pieces many other places so the majority of the stuff on the site hardly "rocks tradition" as the slogan claims. When I read that, I really was expecting new and inventive jewelry design. Silly me.
  14. oo,did'nt see the bit about rocks tradition,well did'nt rock any for me,just woke them up again imo!!!!:heart: